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ReSharper 6.1 released, along with dotCover 1.2 and dotTrace 4.5.2 Performance


We are happy to announce that ReSharper 6.1 has been released, along with compatible updates to dotCover and dotTrace Performance.

Here's a summary of news and improvements in ReSharper 6.1:

  • Performance and bug fixes. Since releasing version 6.0, we have fixed 140 performance problems and over 800 bugs!
  • New settings management engine. ReSharper settings are now layered, which lets you define global, per-solution, per-team or individual settings. More than that, you can now export and import all or selected settings to/from a single file. For an introduction to the new settings engine, see JetBrains .NET Tools blog.
  • Support for Async CTP. The increasingly popular asynchronous programming syntax for C# and VB.NET is now supported in ReSharper 6.1 with a set of code inspections and quick-fixes.
  • Optimizing assembly references. ReSharper 6.1 helps you detect unused assembly references per-project, and provides a UI to remove all or some of them.
  • New code inspections and quick-fixes for C# and VB.NET. ReSharper 6.1 detects more cases of redundant return statements, access to disposed closure and covariant array conversions, plus adds a pack of previously unavailable VB.NET code inspections.
  • XAML support improvements including enhanced code completion, batch generation of event subscriptions, improved attached property awareness, creating namespace aliases from usage etc.
  • Other improvements including a new refactoring to convert iterators to methods, internationalization for VB.NET projects; experimental support for Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview (a separate build is available on ReSharper downloads), ReSharper SDK for easier ReSharper plug-in development, and more.

Both dotTrace 4.5.2 Performance and dotCover 1.2 fully support ReSharper 6.1. In addition, dotCover 1.2 works side-by-side with TypeMock 6.2.x, provides performance improvements in report generation, reduces HTML report size and memory consumption.

Download ReSharper 6.1, dotCover 1.2 and dotTrace 4.5.2 Performance today!

WebStorm 3.0: The JavaScript IDE!


WebStorm 3.0 is out!

Latest trends like CoffeeScript, JSLint validation and the new star of server-side JavaScript development — Node.JS — are at your fingertips:

The key new functionality in WebStorm 3.0 includes:

  • Support for Node.JS allows you to use all the IDE power for editing and debugging server-side JavaScript.
  • CoffeeScript navigation, completions, refactoring, error-checking and more.
  • Integration with JSLint enables new inspections to verify code quality.
  • JavaScript unit testing with JsTestDriver.
  • Smart Duplicated Code Detector for HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Significant improvements to FTP/SFTP Sync.
  • TFS support and revision graph for GIT.
  • Streamlined UI across all operating systems.

For more details please read what's new, and download WebStorm 3.0!.

PyCharm 2: Double the charm, double the power!


To address the needs of more Python developers PyCharm takes a major step forward with its new release.

PyCharm 2.0 is available with the following changes and improvements included:

  • Support for Mako and Jinja2 template languages.
  • Built-in analysis of code coverage by unit tests.
  • More code inspections, e.g. detection of parameter type mismatch and usages of deprecated modules, classes and functions.
  • Support for IPython in the built-in Python console.
  • Full support for coding with Cython.
  • New JavaScript debugger based on Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers.
  • Specific code assistance for internationalizing Django applications.
  • Running applications using PyPy interpreter.
  • Ability to open multiple projects inside one IDE window.
  • Many improvements in the IDE UI for every supported platform.

For more details on the changes, please read what's new, and then download PyCharm 2.0. Note that PyCharm 2.0 is a free update for everyone who purchased their PyCharm license after Dec 12, 2010.

As usual, a 30-day trial is available if you want to try Pycharm as your new Python/Django IDE.

YouTrack Goes to Cloud


We are happy to announce the release of YouTrack InCloud, a cloud-based version of our innovative keyboard-centric bug and issue tracker, offering up to three months of free use.

YouTrack, with its unique approach to issue tracking that takes user experience to another level, has proved its worth to development teams all over the world. Its main concepts include a keyboard-centric approach, intelligent search queries, batch operations on multiple issues from the command window, and full customization to fit any process.

What's so good about YouTrack InCloud?

  • You get an all set-up ready-to-go issue tracker in less than 5 minutes
  • No need to take care of hosting, maintenance and updates
  • Your data are safe with daily backups stored on separate server
  • SSL connection and custom domain
  • Reporter accounts for your external users at no additional cost
  • Free Plan for teams of up to 9 users

As an introductory period offer, you get the maximum available plan including 2,000 Users + 20,000 Reporters, free to use until February 29, 2012.

Sign up for YouTrack InCloud now or learn more.

For details on subscription plan options please see YouTrack InCloud Pricing.

Keep tracking with pleasure! JetBrains YouTrack Team

IntelliJ IDEA 11: Get Ready for a Productivity Takeoff!


Please welcome IntelliJ IDEA 11, the fastest, the smartest, and best looking version of our IDE for polyglot development.

The newest version of IntelliJ IDEA reveals a custom, streamlined user interface along with IDE performance optimizations and numerous adjustments throughout the whole environment. In addition, IntelliJ IDEA is now a better citizen on all of its supported platforms, with many platform-specific features added such as Mac OS X Lion full-screen support or drag-n-drop and symbolic links support on Linux.

The updated IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition gets important improvements for Android development, including live preview of Android UI layouts and compatibility with the latest Android 4.0 SDK.

Other key features introduced in IntelliJ IDEA 11 include:

  • Support for web development with the Play framework.
  • Groovy 2.0 support with new intention actions and refactorings.
  • Gradle integration.
  • CoffeeScript editor with code assistance, inspections and formatting options.
  • Support for all features of Grails 2.0, Grails web-flow and Spock framework.

For more details check out what's new, and download IntelliJ IDEA 11!.

The JetBrains Team

PhpStorm 3.0: Keep Your Code in Its Best Shape!


PhpStorm 3.0 is out!

This major release introduces the Smart Duplicated Code Detector to help you quickly find similar blocks through your entire code base, a new integrated UML tool to quickly get a bird's-eye view of your project structure, and Profiler to ensure that your code works fast.

The key new functionality in PhpStorm 3.0 includes:

  • Smart Duplicated Code Detector
  • PHP UML roundtrip diagrams
  • Profiling results browser for Xdebug and Zend Debugger engines
  • PhpUnit 3.6 integration
  • CoffeeScript support
  • Significant improvements to FTP/SFTP Sync
  • TFS support and revision graph for Git
  • Streamlined UI across all operating systems

For more details please read what's new, and download PhpStorm 3.0!.

The JetBrains Team

ReSharper 6.1 Early Access Program Opens


Great news for all ReSharper users! We are opening the Early Access Program for ReSharper 6.1, bringing tons of improvements for everyone. This is not your ordinary bug-fix release. ReSharper 6.1 EAP includes:

  • Performance and bug fixes
  • New settings engine for easier management and sharing of ReSharper settings
  • Support for Async CTP
  • Optimize Assembly References
  • Experimental support for the initial Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview
  • ReSharper SDK
  • New code inspections and quick-fixes for C# and VB.NET
  • Lots of improvements for web developers
  • XAML support improvements

Learn more about ReSharper 6.1 on the JetBrains .NET Tools blog, and download ReSharper 6.1 Early Access builds!

If anything goes wrong for you with this EAP, please let us know so that we make the upcoming final release of ReSharper 6.1 better and cleaner than ever!

AppCode 1.0 is Here: New Objective-C IDE for iOS and Mac OS Developers


AppCode is generally available now — a new alternative Objective-C IDE that extends the already wide range of technology-specific development environments JetBrains offers to developers.

In line with JetBrains' vision for development best practices and code quality standards, AppCode features tight Xcode integration and a strong accent on developer productivity and code quality.

AppCode 1.0 key features include:

  • Xcode interoperability — open and create Xcode projects from AppCode. Xcode versions 3 and 4 are supported.
  • Integrated graphical debugger over either GDB or LLDB.
  • Running and debugging iOS applications on a device or in a simulator.
  • Visual unit test runner for OCUnit.
  • Automatic memory leak detection with appropriate quick-fix option.
  • Support of the latest iOS 5 features, like Automatic Reference Counting.
  • Version Control Systems integration — unified UI for most popular VCSs such as Git, SVN, Mercurial, Perforce and CVS.

Read more about JetBrains AppCode and download a free 30-day trial.

Separate personal and commercial licenses are available for AppCode each including free IDE updates during 1 year after the purchase date.

The JetBrains Team

AppCode goes Beta with a 50% discount for 1.0


We are excited to announce the availability of Beta release for JetBrains AppCode!

AppCode is an alternative Objective-C IDE for Mac OS X and iOS developers concentrating of an improved coding productivity.
Having Beta released, leaves only a short final stretch to the 1.0 release, which is due out later this Fall.

During the Beta period everyone can get a 50% discount coupon for AppCode by submitting a request to JetBrains. Once version 1.0 is out the coupons can be used to purchase the IDE at half-price. We've also revealed the planned pricing for AppCode.

But enough words, download AppCode Beta and make sure you request the discount to save on AppCode 1.0!

The JetBrains Team

Back to School Sale! Up to 50% OFF on YouTrack, PyCharm


Do you miss back-to-school rush time? Do you remember how it felt? We would like to remind you about the wonderful time we all spent preparing for a new school year by announcing Back to School Office Sale! Start new business year with the best tools for your development team!

During the entire month of September you are entitled to special promotion that allows you to get up to 50% OFF when purchasing YouTrack, our bug and issue tracker, and 50% OFF PyCharm personal license — Python and Django IDE.

Hurry up, the offer is valid until September 30 only. Start the new year with the most intelligent issue & bug tracker and a smart development environment.

Best Regards, JetBrains Team

MPS 2.0 Release


After several milestones, the long-awaited second version of MPS is now generally available to the public. Major 2.0 highlights are:

  • Support for creating standalone customized language IDEs
  • Type-system improvements plus the ability to trace type calculations
  • Scripting and customization of the build process
  • Redesigned UI for merging different versions safely and intuitively
  • Intelligent paste code from Java
  • The Dataflow Analyzer language
  • And much more

For a detailed list of all the novelties in this new release, please refer to the What's New page.

And now it's time to download MPS 2.0 and consider doing some serious business with it.

The JetBrains Team

dotCover, dotTrace Performance get updated to support ReSharper 6


Great news for everyone who uses ReSharper 6 along with other JetBrains .NET tools: you can now download dotCover 1.1.1 and dotTrace 4.5.1 Performance that both support ReSharper 6.

Other noteworthy changes in these new minor versions of the code coverage tool and performance profiler include:

  • dotCover 1.1.1 introduces support for NUnit dynamic tests (such as those marked with TestCaseSource or Sequential attributes); persists excluded nodes info between unit test session runs; and adds a shortcut to cover all tests from solution (Ctrl+Alt+/)
  • dotTrace 4.5.1 Performance brings support for Adjust Time on special functions like Garbage Collector or Native Code; and adds a shortcut (Ctrl+R) for quick editing of profiling configurations

Both releases are free upgrades. To learn more about improvements introduced in dotCover 1.1.1 and dotTrace 4.5.1 Performance, please read this entry on our .NET tools blog.

The JetBrains Team

PhpStorm 2.1.2 and WebStorm 2.1.2 are available for download.


PhpStorm 2.1.2 and WebStorm 2.1.2, fresh updates to the recently released products are available for download.

This release brings significant performance improvements in JavaScript, PHP and CSS support and is strongly recommended update for all users.

Download WebStormDownload PhpStorm

The JetBrains Team

YouTrack Hosted 3.0 - Free Use Until Fall'11


Great news just in the nick of time! YouTrack Hosted has successfully migrated to version 3.0 and is open for new registrations. Welcome to Youtrack 3.0 Hosted!

Enjoy all benefits of intelligent bug tracking without taking care of server administration and support. And even better - it's free! We've extended a free beta period for YouTrack Hosted until Fall 2011.

Why should you try YouTrack 3.0 hosted?

First of all, signing up for a hosted YouTrack is the fastest and easiest way to try all the brand new features, and then decide whether to stick with the hosted service - or migrate to stand-alone, if you would like to keep control of your server in your own hands.

And finally, let me tell you what is so great about YouTrack 3.0!

Workflow management is definitely the greatest addition. Finally, YouTrack is able to fully cover all your issue tracking needs, even for the most complicated of processes or the largest of businesses. The problem is solved in a truly intelligent and 'geeky' way. You get a dedicated JetBrains style editor enhanced with auto-completion, suggestions, inspections and more, just like your favorite IDE, to create and edit your workflow rules using a custom-made domain-specific language. Please watch this short screencast to get an idea of how custom workflow works in YouTrack. Download YouTrack Workflow Editor and don't hold yourself back from making your own rules.

As a teaser, here's a workflow rule that requires commenting an issue when closing it as won't fix:

when issue.State.becomes({Won't fix}) { assert comments.added.isNotEmpty: "Please leave a comment"; }

Isn't it cool?

There's much more impressive stuff in the new YouTrack, including the set of issue attributes that can be customized just the way you want; JetBrains' own database; mailbox integration to create issues right from email; 'add watcher' to subscribe other users to issue updates; applying issue commands right from VCS commit comment; import from any bug tracker and integration with GitHub. Please take a look at What's New In YouTrack 3.0 to get a better overview of all the goodies now available in YouTrack Hosted as well. Get your YouTrack Hosted instance now and continue tracking with more pleasure than ever before!

The JetBrains Team

RubyMine 3.2 update adds Rails 3.1, CoffeeScript and YARD support


RubyMine 3.2 is available for download. The major reason behind this update is the support of Ruby on Rails 3.1. But actually there's more.

Major enhancements include:

  • Rails 3.1 Support: 'JavaScript library' option on project generation, Assets 'smart folder' in Rails project view, Sprockets support, etc.
  • CoffeeScript — .coffee file is a fully supported file type in RubyMine now.
  • YARD support including references in comments.
  • External documentation via
  • New Ruby/Rails code inspections, including ones inspired by "Rails code quality checklist" and naming convention inspections.
  • SimpleCov code coverage analysis tool support.
  • JavaScript Debugger in Google Chrome.
  • Many other fixes and performance improvements.

Read more about what's new and download RubyMine 3.2.

The JetBrains Team

ReSharper 6 is Released!


We are extremely happy and relieved to announce the long-awaited release of the new ReSharper: you can download ReSharper 6.0 right now.

Highlights of ReSharper 6 include:

  • Rich support for JavaScript, CSS, and ASP.NET MVC 3 Razor view engine including code inspections, navigation and usage search, and extended code completion.
  • Navigation and search improved with new features and usability enhancements.
  • Bundled decompiler with the entire range of ReSharper navigation inside.
  • New code transformations, including transforming LINQ to loops.
  • Multiple new code inspections and quick-fixes for C#.
  • Auto-importing namespaces on pasting code and in-place refactorings.
  • Code quality analysis and quick-fixes for VB.NET code.
  • Unit test runner improvements including support for NUnit test cases and feedback on build failure.
  • Improvements in XAML support.

For details on new and improved features, please read What's New in ReSharper 6 and watch this screencast on JetBrains TV.

We hope you're excited with this release as much as we are!

ReSharper 6.0 RC2; dotCover and dotTrace EAPs for ReSharper 6 Integration


First of all, we have the new ReSharper 6.0 Release Candidate 2 build available for you to download.

RC2 removes a few more outstanding cases of good-code-red, ensures that ReSharper takes the Suppress warnings project property into account, fixes a pack of issues related to the Find Code Issues window and solution-wide analysis.

In other news, we have opened Early Access Programs for dotCover 1.1.1 and dotTrace 4.5.1 Performance — new minor versions of the code coverage tool and the profiler tailored specifically to support ReSharper 6. If you have been hesitant to try out ReSharper 6 due to integration issues with other JetBrains tools, this may be the time to reconsider.

ReSharper 6.0 Release Candidate


We're making ReSharper 6.0 Release Candidate available today, a build that is a step away from the official release. Changes in RC compared to Beta 3 include:

  • Additional memory consumption optimizations in addition to those introduced in Beta 3.
  • More performance fixes in ASP.NET MVC.
  • Fixes ensuring that all options are persisted between sessions.
  • Bug fixes and cosmetic improvements in unit test runner, specifically related to QUnit support.
  • Proper support for .NET Micro Framework and Windows Azure Toolkit for WP7.
  • Fixes ensuring that ReSharper 6 successfully starts under Windows XP SP3 with Visual Studio 2010.

If any critical issues are still bothering you, please let us know early since we're counting days to release.

ReSharper 6.0 Beta 3


We're going exceptionally fast these days with Beta releases. Today, here goes the third Beta release of ReSharper 6: please welcome to download and try ReSharper 6.0 Beta 3. Here's why it's better:

  • Less memory consumption: we've been removing memory leaks and exceptional memory traffic extensively this past week.
  • No more never-ending process of scanning source files on solution load that some users experienced with Beta 2.
  • Improved performance in several scenarios, including formatting JavaScript, typing in Razor views, and overall inspecting any kind of files.
  • Fixes preventing crashes caused by solution-wide analysis in Visual Studio 2008.
  • Fixes eliminating focus loss when undocking text editor tabs.
  • Visual Studio's native VB.NET highlighting can now be switched off in favor of ReSharper inspections.

Download ReSharper 6.0 Beta 3, and please let us know as soon as possible if you're facing any painful issues: file a bug report, or fill out this feedback form. There's also the "ReSharper Misbehaves" icon in Visual Studio for quick feedback.

ReSharper 6.0 Beta 2


Following exceptional feedback from the community, we're publishing the new Beta release of ReSharper 6: please download and try ReSharper 6.0 Beta 2. The new Beta release:

  • Prevents crashes in Visual Studio 2008 and 2010 related to solution-wide analysis
  • Improves performance in large .cshtml (Razor) files, as well as performance of Find Usages and Go to Derived Symbols
  • Fixes good-code-red when you have .NET Framework 4 installed but don't have Visual Studio 2010 installed

We'd like to make sure that, if you've experienced these issues, they're gone for you, so please download ReSharper 6.0 Beta 2. If anything is still going wrong for you with this new Beta release, be it regression cases, performance or memory consumption problems, please let us know.

JetBrains Hits a Perfect Three-Pointer With YouTrack 3.0


We are happy to announce the release of YouTrack 3.0, a fully customizable version of our intelligent keyboard-centric issue and bug tracker, with a Free Pack now available for small teams.

YouTrack 3.0 introduces two major enhancements: customizable workflow and complete issue attributes customization. With these additions, a team can completely automate the issue life-cycle management based on its specific process needs, while still enjoying an intelligent, extremely usable and developer-oriented issue tracker.

With YouTrack 3.0, now you can:

  • Define your own workflow to automate issue life-cycle management
  • Customize the set of issue attributes and their values
  • Submit issues by email
  • Automatically close or modify any related issue attributes from VCS Commit Comment
  • Access and handle your issues from your mobile device
  • Add other users to issue watchers list
  • Customize the sidebar to show only the tags and saved searches you need
  • Import existing projects from any bug tracker
  • Manage your issues and projects programmatically with the enhanced YouTrack RESTful API
  • Integrate YouTrack with TestLink, TestRail, and GitHub

Please read What's New for more details about the new features and enhancements and Download YouTrack 3.0 Free Pack.

For more information on the YouTrack pricing and licensing options, please visit Buy & Upgrade, page.

Keep tracking with pleasure! JetBrains YouTrack Team

ReSharper 6.0 Goes Beta


Here's some long-awaited news for .NET developers: after months of early access, we're making ReSharper 6.0 Beta available for you to download and test-drive.

ReSharper 6.0 is a very substantial update that includes (but is not limited to):

  • Rich support for JavaScript, CSS, and ASP.NET MVC 3 (Razor).
  • Bundled decompiler.
  • New navigation actions and valuable additions to existing navigation features.
  • Code inspections and quick-fixes for on-the-fly code quality control in VB.NET code.
  • Multiple new code inspections and quick-fixes for C#.
  • Color assistance in C#, XAML, VB.NET, and CSS.
  • Bug fixes and new actions in XAML code.

For more details, please read What's New in ReSharper 6 and follow JetBrains .NET Tools Blog for regular feature overviews.

Please note that since we're committed to release ReSharper 6 very soon, we desperately need your feedback. If you face any significant issues with ReSharper 6.0 Beta, please contact ReSharper support, file a bug report, or fill out this feedback form. You can also use the "ReSharper Misbehaves" icon in Visual Studio to quickly submit feedback.

We hope you enjoy ReSharper 6.0 Beta after all as it's so larger than anything we've ever released!

dotTrace 4.5 Performance, dotCover 1.1 Released


We're releasing updates to our performance profiler and code coverage tool for .NET developers today: please download the release builds of dotTrace 4.5 Performance and dotCover 1.1.

New features in dotTrace 4.5 Performance include:

  • Reworked presentation of profiling results.
  • New options to estimate potential performance gains.
  • Analyzing the performance of a certain class along the lines of its API.

dotCover 1.1 highlights include:

  • Generating code coverage reports as XML, HTML, JSON, and XML for NDepend.
  • Per-solution coverage settings.
  • Code coverage analysis results can be directly requested from a TeamCity server to Visual Studio.

Additional resources for you to learn more details on the two releases include:

PyCharm 1.5: Ultimate documentation support, Django templates debugging and more


This release brings a range of improvements to make Python and Django development more enjoyable and productive in PyCharm.

PyCharm 1.5 highlights:

  • Ultimate documentation support (external documentation, Epydoc and reStructuredText markup, etc.)
  • Django Templates Debugging
  • Database support in Django applications (autodetection, .sql files editing aids, database tables browsing, etc.)
  • New 'Move Class/Function' Refactoring
  • Many IDE improvements and bug-fixes

For more details on the changes, please read what's new, and then download PyCharm 1.5. Note that version 1.5 is a free update for everyone with a PyCharm license.

As usual, a 30-day trial is available if you are considering Pycharm as your Python/Django IDE.

TeamCity 6.5 Released: Set Free For Unlimited Number Of Users



We're happy to present TeamCity 6.5, a significant update to our distributed build management and continuous integration server.

This version of TeamCity comes with a new fresh UI and enhanced functionality, including advanced DVCS's usage scenarios support.

TeamCity 6.5 highlights:

  • Personal Builds on branches for Git and Mercurial
  • Parametrized Version Control System roots
  • Muting of failing tests
  • Tests grouping in test results
  • Remote Agent Installation (push agent software on remote workstation)
  • JetBrains dotCover results from TeamCity can now be rendered within Microsoft Visual Studio
  • PowerShell runner, MSpec support and numerous other features for .NET teams
  • Many usability improvements in all IDE plugins
  • Last but not least, TeamCity Professional Edition is now rid of many previous limitations. You can now run free TeamCity with an unlimited number of registered users, support for LDAP, and flexible per-project roles and permissions.

For more details on these changes, please read What's new, and Download a FREE Professional Edition of TeamCity. For the detailed information about purchasing options and conditions, please visit TeamCity Licensing & Prices page.

PhpStorm 2.1 Released!


PhpStorm 2.1 is finally out!

In this release we focused on the most 'voted for' issues and requests as well as important performance and stability improvements.

So, make sure to check it out:

  • Phing support added
  • Initial Twig support
  • New Diff tools for comparing directories, images and DB's
  • 'Extract Function/Method' refactoring for PHP
  • 'Change Signature' refactoring for JavaScript
  • JavaScript debugger in Google Chrome
  • htaccess support
  • New code inspections: 'Inconsistent return points', 'Silly assignment' and more
  • PHPDoc @var annotations now support Netbeans/Zend style
  • Auto-completion improved for classes from other namespaces and Shiftless Completion enabled
  • HTML tag tree highlighting
  • Reworked UI for Search/Replace
  • Misc. improvements for all supported VCS and noticeable improvements in performance

For more details on these changes, please read What's new, and download PhpStorm 2.1.

Develop with Pleasure! JetBrains Web IDE Team

WebStorm 2.1 released!


WebStorm 2.1 is finally out!

The new release is based on the latest version of our IntelliJ Platform (v10.5) and brings you:

  • JavaScript debugger in Google Chrome
  • htaccess support
  • HTML tag tree highlighting
  • Easier code completion that does not require you to press Shift for uppercase letters
  • Reworked UI for Search/Replace
  • New Diff tools for comparing directories, images and DB's
  • 'Change Signature' refactoring for JavaScript
  • Misc. improvements for all supported VCS and noticeable improvements in performance

For more details please read what's new, and download the edition of your choice.

Don't forget: until June 30 you can get 50% OFF on personal WebStorm Licenses! Don't miss this great offer!

dotCover 1.1, dotTrace 4.5 Performance RC builds


If you're using JetBrains code coverage and performance profiling tools, please download dotCover 1.1 RC and dotTrace 4.5 Performance RC, and help us make sure that these release candidates are ready for public releases scheduled for later this month.

Please use the dotCover issue tracker and dotTrace issue tracker to let us know if there are any rough edges left.

The JetBrains Team

IntelliJ IDEA 10.5 Released! Java 7 Support, New Features and New Pricing Included


IntelliJ IDEA 10.5 is released, a free update worth a full major release, loaded with support for the latest technologies as well as other numerous improvements. IntelliJ IDEA 10.5 is a recommended update for everyone.

The key features of the release include:

  • Full Java 7 Support
  • Reworked UI for refactorings and Search/Replace, simplified code completion
  • JavaScript Debugger in Google Chrome
  • Groovy 1.8 and Spring 3.1 support
  • JavaScript, Android and Flex enhancements
  • Jetty integration
  • XSLT2 support

Read more about what IntelliJ IDEA 10.5 brings.

Another key change is new lower prices for IntelliJ IDEA commercial licenses and personal licenses and upgrades. Check out the Buy & Upgrade page to see the difference.

Download IntelliJ IDEA 10.5 now!

The JetBrains Team

Free .NET Decompiler: Please Welcome JetBrains dotPeek!


We've got some timely news for the .NET developer community!

Today we're opening an Early Access Program for our new product — free .NET decompiler called dotPeek.

dotPeek is able to decompile .NET 1.0-4.0 assemblies to C#; provides syntax highlighting, code insight, complete keyboard support, Visual Studio look-and-feel, and brings the full power of ReSharper-style navigation to the entire .NET community.

Get an overview of dotPeek functionality, and grab an early dotPeek build!

Let us know how it feels. We're looking forward to your feedback in order to make the new decompiler bug-free and comfortable in daily use by all .NET developers.

The JetBrains Team

IntelliJ IDEA 10.5 Release Candidate


We have just released IntelliJ IDEA 10.5 Release Candidate for you to download and evaluate.

Version 10.5 adds support of JDK 7 language features as well as a substantial pack of improvements, performance optimizations and fixes. Read more about what IntelliJ IDEA 10.5 brings.

We encourage you to download the RC build, give it a test drive and if you face any problems, please let us know so we can take actions before the GA release!

The JetBrains Team

The JetBrains Team

dotCover 1.1, dotTrace 4.5 Performance Beta 2


Following user feedback, we're rolling out Beta 2 builds of our .NET tools: please download dotCover 1.1 Beta 2 and dotTrace 4.5 Performance Beta 2.

dotCover 1.1 Beta 2 introduces improvements in configuration through the console runner and better error handling while analyzing web applications. dotTrace 4.5 Performance Beta 2 eliminates loss of focus on applying zero folding, and includes constructors when you choose to open all public methods of a class in a separate tab. Both products additionally provide fixes on multiple bug reports.

Please note that dotTrace 4.5 Performance Beta 2 is released as a development build, which means it doesn't suppress exceptions.

The JetBrains Team

Free Upgrade to ReSharper 6 Starts Today


Some great news for ReSharper users!

Any ReSharper 5 new or upgrade purchases made since today, April 26, 2011, qualify for a free upgrade to the upcoming ReSharper 6!

Learn what's cool in ReSharper 5 compared to previous versions.

Find out what's new in the upcoming ReSharper 6 and/or try a pre-release build.

Buy or upgrade to ReSharper 5 and get your upgrade to ReSharper 6 for free!

The JetBrains Team

Easter Sale from JetBrains.


To make sure you don't waste any time hunting around for the best IDEs, we have an unbeatable offer for you this Easter!

In addition to the ongoing WebStorm Spring Sale, from April 20 until April 30 you can get up to 50% OFF on your personal license for the following products:

Also, you get 50% OFF on any edition of YouTrack — our awesome issue & bug tracker!

So, hurry before April 30!

Happy Easter and develop with pleasure! JetBrains Team

Early Access Program for AppCode IDE is now open!


Without too many words, the Early Access Program for AppCode IDE is now open!

AppCode is a new Objective-C IDE built on IntelliJ platform.

We are very much looking forward to your feedback to help us create a tool you would enjoy using daily. This is why this early access program exists in the first place.

So, to share information and discuss the product development with you, we have a blog, a dedicated discussion forum and an issue tracker. Your questions, ideas, features requests and bug reports are welcome!

We kindly invite you to download the latest build from the AppCode EAP page, give it a try, and let us know what you think.

JetBrains AppCode team

Beta Releases of dotTrace 4.5 Performance, dotCover 1.1 are Available


Following a month of early access, we're revealing beta builds of two of our .NET tools, namely dotTrace 4.5 Performance and dotCover 1.1.

dotTrace 4.5 Performance Beta improves snapshot tree representation; allows putting all public methods of a class to a dedicated tab; provides new options to estimate potential performance gains; previews source code of .NET Framework assemblies, and introduces a new floating license handling policy.

dotCover 1.1 Beta brings a wealth of improvements including advanced presentation of class members and on-the-fly filtering in the tree of coverage results; integration with NDepend and Visual Studio TeamCity plug-in; incremental update of coverage info when rerunning tests; HTML and JSON reporting; and per-solution coverage settings.

Learn more about these beta releases on the JetBrains .NET Tools Blog, and download them from dotTrace web site and dotCover web site.

The JetBrains Team

PyCharm 1.2, ready for Django 1.3


PyCharm 1.2 is a compatibility update for our Python and Django IDE with the following major changes:

  • Support for Python 3.2 and Django 1.3
  • Python version compatibility inspection
  • Syntax highlighting for .po files as initial i18n support

New 'Academic' license is now available for PyCharm. It allows students and teachers to use the IDE for non-commercial purposes, including education and research. Learn more and apply for Academic license.

For more details about the changes please read what's new, and download PyCharm 1.2.

Note: PyCharm 1.2 is a free update for everyone with a PyCharm license.

The JetBrains Team

WebStorm 2.0 - Master the Latest Web Standards!


WebStorm 2.0 is finally out!

WebStorm 2.0 brings to your hands support for the latest standards of web development: feel the safety of "use strict" mode of JavaScript, enjoy richness of HTML5, manage your CSS with LESS or SASS.

The platform improvements concern HTML and JavaScript editing, all VCS integrations and other areas which are also important for WebStorm users.

The key changes include:

  • ECMAScript 5 "use strict"
  • Support for Leaner CSS (LESS) and SASS/SCSS extensions for CSS added
  • Relax NG for XML
  • Added Mercurial support
  • Integration with issue trackers is extended with GitHub, PivotalTracker and RedMine
  • Reworked UI for all supported platforms: Windows, Mac OS and Linux

For more details please read what's new, and download WebStorm 2.0.

Don't forget: if you purchased a WebStorm 1.0 license download version 2.0 and upgrade right now — for free.

The JetBrains Team

RubyMine gets updated to version 3.1


RubyMine 3.1 is available for download with more than 200 issues resolved in the IntelliJ platform code since version 3.0, as well as many improvements in Ruby/Rails specific functionality.

The platform improvements concern HTML and JavaScript editing, all VCS integrations and other areas which are also important for RubyMine users.

Changes specific to Ruby/Rails developers include: new autocompletion which appears instantly as you type; new 'Introduce Parameter' refactoring; a structure view for Shoudla tests and for Test::Unit "test" closures; and the ability to build a Rails app into a .WAR file from the IDE.

Read more about what's new and download RubyMine 3.1.

The JetBrains Team

You Track. We Host!


Would you like to use YouTrack with no installation or initial setup? That's great because we would like to announce that YouTrack Hosted Beta is available! Join our beta testing group today and get:

  • 50 user accounts
  • Unlimited number of projects
  • FREE use until July 1, 2011

And enjoy all the benefits of hosted issue tracking with YouTrack:

  • Full YouTrack functionality + all new features
  • Daily backups
  • Import from other bug trackers using our Python Client Library
  • Automatic migration to hosted production
  • No-effort migration to standalone YouTrack using the hosted db backup
  • RESTful API for integration with third party tools

Get your YouTrack hosted instance in 1 simple step

Choose your desired URL, give us your e-mail address, and we'll send you the link to your personal, immediately available YouTrack instance so you can start tracking your issues in no time. Get YouTrack Hosted Now »

Hurry, the number of the hosted beta instances is limited!

As with any beta version, your feedback is extremely important for us. Please use the following to tell us about your experience with YouTrack Hosted:

For any technical issues, please contact technical support.

Welcome to YouTrack Hosted! The JetBrains Team

PhpStorm 2.0 - Take PHP by Storm!


PhpStorm 2.0 is finally out!

The new release focuses on yet more intelligence, bringing zero-configuration debugger to the scene, adds PHP 5.3 namespaces and closures support, actively used in today's PHP development, and greatly improves code-analysis capabilities.

The key changes include:

  • Complete PHP 5.3 support including namespaces and closures
  • Zend Debugger support & zero-configuration debugging in all browsers
  • Command line tool support including completion for Zend_Tool and Symfony
  • Full-fledged editors for SQL queries with editable query results
  • ECMAScript 5 "use strict"
  • Added Mercurial support
  • Reworked UI for all supported platforms: Windows, Mac OS and Linux

For more details please read what's new, and download the edition of your choice.

Don't forget: if you purchased an PhpStorm 1.0 license download version 2.0 and upgrade right now — for free.

The JetBrains Team

IntelliJ IDEA 10.0.2 Update Released


IntelliJ IDEA 10.0.2 resolves almost 900 issues from our issue tracker. The update not only includes bug fixes in every part of the IDE but also adds some minor new features such as new code inspections, new option for folding multiple end-of-line comments in Java code, JavaDoc formatter improvements, etc. and also ensures compatibility with both Mac OS X 10.5 and 10.6.

A significant number of improvements was made in JavaScript, HTML and CSS editing functionality and also in PHP support. This predicts the nearing releases of PhpStorm 2.0 and WebStorm 2.0 IDEs.

If you have IntelliJ IDEA 10 installed, 10.0.2 is a recommended update. If you are still waiting to upgrade to verison 10, it is just about time!

See the full list of changes.

Download IntelliJ IDEA 10.0.2 now.

The JetBrains Team

ReSharper 5.1.3 IntelliSense bugfix update


ReSharper 5.1.3 is available starting today.

This new minor release provides exactly one fix that prevents disabling Parameter Information and auto-completion when you're using native Visual Studio IntelliSense (as opposed to ReSharper IntelliSense).

If you have ReSharper 5.1.2 installed and you're struggling with IntelliSense turning off when you open files, please download ReSharper 5.1.3. Otherwise, you can skip this upgrade.

The JetBrains Team

PyCharm 1.1.1 bugfix update available


PyCharm 1.1.1 is a mainenance update that fixes some issues reported recently. See the full list of fixes.

We recommend you update your PyCharm IDE.

Also, if you still have an unused PyCharm 50% discount coupon, you have 2 more weeks to use it, before January 31, 2011. Do not miss it!

We wish you a merry Christmas! JetBrains PyCharm Team

ReSharper 5.1.2 is Released


JetBrains starts the New Year with the release of ReSharper 5.1.2.

This new minor release brings several improvements, including:

  • Compatibility with Visual Studio native IntelliSense in ASP.NET MVC 3 Razor syntax web pages
  • Improved IntelliSense in Watch tool windows
  • Bug fixes related to saving of live templates
  • Support for Test Projects (MSTest) re-targeted to .NET Framework 3.5
  • Faster processing of large files (10,000 LOC or more)

Download ReSharper 5.1.2 and read more about this new release.

The JetBrains Team