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dotTrace 5.3 Performance, ReSharper 7.1.1 are Available


We're excited to announce a 2-in-1 release from the .NET tools team: please welcome dotTrace 5.3 Performance and ReSharper 7.1.1.

A long-awaited update to our .NET performance profiler, dotTrace 5.3 Performance includes multiple bug fixes plus a number of significant changes and improvements:

  • Integration with Visual Studio 2012 and ReSharper 7.1.x.
  • Profiling Windows Store applications, including Windows Store test projects.
  • New filters in Hot Spots view: "Filter system functions" and "Filter event-waiting trees".
  • New measurement method, Thread Cycle Time, in addition to wall time and thread time methods.
  • An updated Welcome screen that includes Attach To Process button and more cosmetic improvements for a comfortable profiling experience.

dotTrace 5.3 Performance comes as a free upgrade for all dotTrace 5.0 Performance users, as well as for all dotTrace 4.x Performance customers who have purchased the product after February 23, 2012.

ReSharper 7.1.1 is a maintenance release that further refines performance and stability of the ReSharper 7.x family. Notable updates include:

  • Unit test runner enhancements related to debugging, inconclusive tests, and Unit Test Output window, among other fixes.
  • Bug fixes in the installation wizard, code formatter, IntelliSense, and Remove Unused References.
  • Miscellaneous performance improvements.

If you're interested in further details, please see the entire list of fixes included in ReSharper 7.1.1.

ReSharper 7.1.1 is a free upgrade for all ReSharper 7.x users and also for ReSharper 6.x customers who have purchased their licenses on June 1, 2012 or later.

IntelliJ IDEA 12 is Released!


We are excited to announce that IntelliJ IDEA 12, the latest major version of our flagship Java IDE, is finally available.

This release includes the following important improvements:

  • Brand new compiler mode, with faster builds and better user experience
  • Java 8 language support
  • Advanced UI designer for Android development
  • Fresh look and feel, with a new dark UI theme
  • Support for Play 2.0, with Scala and Java support
  • Significantly improved support for Spring frameworks, including Integration, Web Flow, MVC, Security, Batch, and more
  • Built-in powerful tools for database development
  • Better user experience with Java EE application servers
  • Cloud Foundry support, with deployment tools

For more details please read What's new in IntelliJ IDEA 12 and download the edition of your choice.

dotCover 2.2 is Released!


We're happy to announce the availability of dotCover 2.2, our updated unit test runner and code coverage tool. Apart from bug fixes, it includes the following changes:

  • Integration with the recently released ReSharper 7.1
  • Support for Windows Store Application Tests. Please note that with this version of dotCover you'll be able to get overall coverage statistics, without percentages per single test.

For more details on improvements introduced in dotCover 2.x, please check What's New in dotCover page.

Please feel free to download and try the updated dotCover.

In case your dotCover maintenance period or upgrade subscription is still valid, this would be a free upgrade for you.

ReSharper 7.1 is Available


A new important update to ReSharper has arrived! Please download ReSharper 7.1. There's a ton of reasons why you would want to do this, including:

  • Performance and bug fixes: since releasing version 7.0 this past summer, we have fixed over 300 performance problems and bugs! Special notice goes to performance fixes for SharePoint and ASP.NET MVC projects, as well as those for resource files.
  • Improved code formatter: considering that code formatting is a very sensitive area of functionality, we have implemented some of the most demanded code formatter improvements so far. For example, ReSharper 7.1 is able to format XML doc comments and chained method calls. Learn more »
  • Reviewing code and sharing ReSharper code inspection results with teammates is now easier, thanks to improved export functionality, as well as a way to copy code inspection items and convert them to work items.
  • Support for Windows Phone 8: if you're already using Windows Phone 8 SDK to develop applications, ReSharper 7.1 is here to help you. Learn more »
  • Support for VB.NET has been refined with Extract Class refactoring, new quick-fixes and improved IntelliSense.
  • XAML support is now considerably smoother in terms of code completion, typing assistance, naming style control, and code generation. Learn more »
  • INotifyPropertyChanged support pack now covers more usage scenarios relevant to Windows Forms, WPF and Silverlight application developers.
  • Other improvements include fixes in multiple refactorings; improved support for Entity Framework 5, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, and JavaScript.

To learn more how ReSharper 7.x differs from ReSharper 6, please read What's New in ReSharper 7.

This is a free upgrade for everyone who owns a ReSharper 7 license or a ReSharper 6 license purchased since June 1, 2012. That's one more compelling reason to download ReSharper 7.1 right now!

Free Upgrade Program and IntelliJ IDEA 12 Preview


We are excited to announce that IntelliJ IDEA 12 Public Preview is available for download and evaluation. Another great piece of news for today: Our regular free upgrade program start on November 8. This means you can buy a personal license for IntelliJ IDEA 11 now and get IntelliJ IDEA 12 for free when it is released!

Check out what's coming in IntelliJ IDEA 12 on the preview page.

We really appreciate your feedback on the public preview. Don't hesitate to share your impressions with us and submit bug reports directly to our issue tracker.

Stay tuned for more details on the new features in our blog.

YouTrack 4.1 Introduces Time Management


We are glad to announce the release of YouTrack 4.1, our agile issue tracker and project management tool, which now introduces Time Management.

With the latest YouTrack 4.1 you can:

  • Add work items to issue(s) in one step
  • Summarize the time spent on a feature
  • Visually track your progress on an issue
  • Create Time Reports
  • Enable time management per project/user

You will also enjoy improved GitHub integration and benefit from many other Agile Board enhancements in v4.1. Check the What's new page for more details.

Get the latest YouTrack 4.1 free for up to 10 users by downloading a free pack, or by signing up for YouTrack InCloud, hosted in the cloud by us.

JetBrains YouTrack Team

dotCover 2.1 is Available!


We're happy to announce the release of dotCover 2.1, our unit test runner and code coverage tool. Apart from bug-fixes, it includes the following new features:

  • Integration with Visual Studio 2012 including support for Light and Dark themes. We have added Visual Studio 2012 theming support by updating dotCover's menus and icons so you can choose which appearance suits you.
  • Integration with ReSharper 7.0.1.
  • Calculating code coverage statistics for Windows Store applications.

Please feel free to download and try the updated dotCover.

PhpStorm 5.0 is Available


We are announcing the immediate availability of PhpStorm 5.0, new major updated for our PHP IDE.

While maintaining its focus on PHP code quality and all-around developer productivity, PhpStorm 5.0 also extends its support for modern PHP frameworks. Here are the major additions this update brings to PHP developers:

  • PHP editor: reworked type inference engine for variables and class fields, added support for callback references and many other quality and performance improvements.
  • Added ability to specify own PHP CodeSniffer coding standards.
  • Support for Symfony2 coding standards.
  • New MVC view is introduced for Symfony2 & Yii.
  • Many additions in SQL/Databases support, including live database schema refactoring, stored procedures editing, schema migration scripts generation, improved SQL completion and many more.
  • 'Live Edit' mode for PHP/HTML/CSS/JS.
  • Numerous improvements in code editors for JavaScript and CSS/Sass/LESS.

For further details please read what's new in PhpStorm 5.0.

PhpStorm 5.0 is a free update for everyone who purchased their license after Sep 12, 2011.

The JetBrains Team

WebStorm 5.0 is Available


WebStorm 5.0 is available for immediate download and we are very excited to tell you what we've done!

Here are the major additions this update to our JavaScript IDE brings to web developers:

  • Live HTML/CSS/JS editing preview for Google Chrome — no more window-switching needed.
  • Google Closure Compiler JSDoc annotations support.
  • Initial Jade templates support.
  • Lots of improvements for Sass/SCSS: better code completion, navigation, code formatting and support for advanced constructs.
  • JSTestDriver tests debugging.
  • Project-level JS libraries.
  • And many other changes.

For more details please read what's new in WebStorm 5.0.

WebStorm 5.0 is a free update for everyone who purchased their license after Sep 6, 2011.

The JetBrains Team

PyCharm 2.6 adds diagrams support, Flask, Python 3.3 and much more


PyCharm 2.6 is available, a big update for our powerful IDE for Python and Django developers.

This update brings some major new features and many important improvements to the IDE:

  • Class diagrams for any Python project, model relationships diagrams for Django, Google App Engine projects and SQLAlchemy ORM.
  • Development of Web applications using the Flask microframework.
  • Python 3.3 support.
  • Many improvements in code analysis routines for Python and Django.
  • Other additions for more productive coding.

Read more about the new features and download PyCharm 2.6 for your platform.

The JetBrains Team

ReSharper 7.0.1: Bugfix Update Available


A month following the initial release of ReSharper 7, we're ready to share a minor update based on recent user feedback: please download ReSharper 7.0.1.

Here are the highlights of this minor release:

  • Performance and memory consumption fixes in SharePoint projects, as well as in other environments.
  • "Close All Documents" action is working again in Visual Studio 2005, 2008, and 2010.
  • Improved performance of ReSharper caches in certain scenarios.
  • A more natural order of actions that fix inconsistent naming.
  • Usability enhancements for high-contrast theme.

If these fixes are relevant to you, you're welcome to get your hands on ReSharper 7.0.1!

AppCode 1.6 is Released


We are excited to let you know that AppCode 1.6, a fresh update for our Objective-C IDE, is now available with the following major changes:

  • In-place refactorings: Rename and Introduce refactorings now work right in the editor without invoking any extra dialogs, and take into account usages in comments and non-code files.
  • First-class localization support: refactorings, "Find Usages" action and other smart features now work in localization files as well.
  • Build settings editor: configure your project without leaving your favorite IDE.
  • C++11 and libc++ support.
  • A bunch of new inspections help you to: ensure that all necessary enum values are covered in your switch statement; find all non-localized strings in your project; and more.
  • Boosted code generation: select where you want to declare a new generated method – in the implementation, interface, or category; easily generate objectWith-methods.
  • Fully compatible with Xcode 4.4 and Xcode 4.5 preview.

Check What's new for more details or download the latest build right now!

Note: AppCode 1.6 is a free update for everyone with an existing AppCode license.

The JetBrains Team

dotTrace Profiling SDK is Released


We are glad to announce general availability of dotTrace Profiling SDK. You are welcome to download it for free here.

dotTrace Profiling SDK is a free separate tool that contains a self-profiling API. It enables your application to profile itself and produce a performance snapshot, even without dotTrace Performance installed. dotTrace Profiling SDK provides profiling control API as well. It allows your application to control when profiling starts and stops.

For more details on dotTrace Profiling SDK implementation and usage scenarios, check this post on the JetBrains .NET tools blog.

TeamCity 7.1: Control the Flow!


TeamCity 7.1, the major update for latest version of our build management and continuous integration system, is here to improve the CI experience when using Distributed Version Control Systems (DVCS).

The key feature of the TeamCity 7.1 release is system-wide support for Git & Mercurial Feature Branches practice.

Other features and important changes include:

  • Usability improvements in most often used TeamCity pages and views
  • New Xcode runner to execute your Xcode builds in TeamCity
  • Support for NTLM HTTP user authentication
  • NuGet trigger improvements and support of NuGet 1.8/2.0.

Several compatibility updates:

  • Added Amazon EBS compatibility makes EC2 agents much more effective
  • IDE plugin: Eclipse 4.2 Juno supported
  • IDE plugin: MS Visual Studio 2012 supported
  • VCS: MS Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2012 support
  • MS SQL Server 2012 supported as TeamCity server database.

See What's New for more details and download TeamCity 7.1 now.

TeamCity comes with a free Professional Server license, which gives you full access to all product features, with no time limit; the only restriction is a maximum of 20 build configurations. Alternatively, please consider buying an Enterprise Server license. For more information, or help with licensing and upgrading, please click here.

Keep building with pleasure!

dotTrace 5.2 Performance is Released


We're happy to announce the release of dotTrace 5.2 Performance, an update for our insightful performance profiler for .NET developers. Other than bug-fixes, it includes the following enhancements:

  • NET 4.5 and Windows 8 Support. Starting from version 5.2 dotTrace Performance provides support for .NET 4.5 applications in its standalone edition. In addition, with this update dotTrace Performance works under Windows 8.
  • Classroom and academic license support. If you are a representative of an educational institution, college, university, or you're a student or trainer, you can apply for a classroom or academic license.

Please feel free to download and try the updated dotTrace 5.2 Performance right now!

dotTrace 5.2 Performance comes as a free upgrade for all dotTrace 5.0 Performance users, as well as for all dotTrace 4.x Performance customers who have purchased the product after February 23, 2012.

ReSharper 7.0 is Available


We're enormously happy to announce the general availability of ReSharper 7.0: a new major release of the awesome Visual Studio productivity tool.

ReSharper 7.0 is an important update for all .NET developers, bringing more ways to refactor, inspect, and generate code. For those on the bleeding edge, the new ReSharper supports Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 right from the start (or should we say, even before the start?), eases migration to and development of Metro style applications for Windows 8.

Highlights of ReSharper 7.0 include:

  • Full integration with Visual Studio 2012 while maintaining support for Visual Studio 2005, 2008, and 2010.
  • An extensive pack of functionality for developers looking to create WinRT-based Metro-style applications.
  • New code inspections and contract annotations for a more robust .NET code quality analysis.
  • New automated code refactorings, including the top requested Extract Class for decreasing code complexity.
  • Additional code exploration features helping visualize hierarchies of polymorphic members and CSS styles.
  • An extended and fine-tuned code generation toolset.
  • INotifyPropertyChanged interface support pack to improve productivity of Windows Forms, WPF and Silverlight application developers.
  • Removing unused assembly references across the entire solution.
  • Extended web development toolset, including improvements to JavaScript support, and initial support for ASP.NET 4.5 and ASP.NET MVC 4.
  • Addition of two previously unsupported Microsoft development technologies: LightSwitch and SharePoint.

For details on these and other improvements, see What's New in ReSharper 7.0.

If you're looking to buy or upgrade licenses, you can do that right now. Remember that if you have purchased a ReSharper 6 license on or after June 1, 2012, you qualify for a free upgrade to ReSharper 7.0!

RubyMine 4.5 is Released


We are pleased to announce that the next version of RubyMine, our intelligent Ruby on Rails IDE, is available for download.

To create great products, JetBrains always listens to the community. Ruby and Rails developers like you have asked us for a number of new features, and we have tried to implement their best ideas.

The key changes in RubyMine 4.5 include:

  • Formatting, code insight for Slim and Sass languages.
  • MacRuby syntax highlighting.
  • Capistrano Rails deployment support.
  • Embedded applications development with Rails Engines.
  • Code insight, run and debug for Sinatra framework.
  • Mongoid/MongoDB integration.
  • Ruby SDK management using pik and rbenv.
  • Debugging improvements with IRB/Rails console and multiprocess debug options.
  • New refactorings for Sass, CoffeeScript and HAML; renaming Rails-models refactoring.

To learn more, please visit our What's New page.

RubyMine 4.5 is a free update for all customers with the license purchased/updated after Jul 18, 2011.

With this release we also introduce a new, more affordable, 'Academic' license. It allows students and teachers to use RubyMine for non-commercial purposes, including education and research. Learn more about RubyMine 4.5 pricing

As usual, a free 30-day trial is available if you want to try RubyMine as your Ruby on Rails IDE.

ReSharper 7.0 Beta is Available


The most intelligent productivity tool for Visual Studio is all but ready for its next major release: please download and try ReSharper 7.0 Beta.

ReSharper 7.0 adds support for Visual Studio 2012, an extensive WinRT development toolset, new code hierarchy views and refactorings, an improved Generate menu, fresh code inspections and quick-fixes. It also introduces or improves support for a variety of languages and technologies, such as JavaScript, XAML, ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC, LightSwitch, and SharePoint. To learn more, please see What's Coming in ReSharper 7.

Since we're pretty close to the final release, we really need your feedback. Should you experience any significant bugs or performance issues with ReSharper 7.0 Beta, please contact ReSharper support, file a bug report, or fill out this feedback form. You can also use the "ReSharper Misbehaves" icon in Visual Studio to quickly submit feedback.

Having said that, we're really hopeful that you'll like this latest release.

JetBrains MPS 2.5 released today


JetBrains MPS, our open-source workbench for Domain Specific Languages, has reached 2.5 and is now available for you to download and use.

Starting with this release DSLs can be used inside IntelliJ IDEA side-by-side with your standard Java code and interoperate with it. You can design your DSLs in MPS and then distribute them to your customers as IntelliJ IDEA plugins, so your languages can take part in the development workflow inside a Java IDE. Check out a short screen-cast to see this in action.

Another major and closely related addition is the new build language. It allows you to create declarative build scripts for your Java or MPS applications and plugins.

There are numerous other improvements and corrections in this release. For a full list of new features, visit the What's new in 2.5 page.

If you want to get a taste of the new functionality, please check out our recent screen-casts. You may also learn all the necessary details from the updated User Guide, which now contains sections dedicated to creating language plugins, using MPS inside IntelliJ IDEA and more.

dotTrace 5.1 Performance is Released


We're happy to announce a maintenance release of our insightful performance profiler for .NET developers. Please feel free to download the updated dotTrace 5.1 Performance!

Major improvements available in dotTrace 5.1 Performance include:

  • Updated and improved stack walker. Our new algorithm helps you get deeper into call stacks of your application or CLR, providing more opportunities to detect bottlenecks.
  • Integration with ReSharper 7. If you're using pre-release builds of ReSharper 7, add dotTrace 5.1 Performance to enable profiling unit tests right from Visual Studio code editor, Solution Explorer or ReSharper 7 unit test runner.

Check what's new for more details or download the latest build right now!

dotTrace 5.1 Performance comes as a free upgrade for all dotTrace 5.0 Performance users, as well as for all dotTrace 4.x Performance customers who have purchased the product after February 23, 2012.

JetBrains YouTrack 4.0 Goes Agile


We are pleased to announce the release of YouTrack 4.0, our keyboard-centric issue tracker, which is now also an agile project management tool!

YouTrack 4.0 introduces a completely new, independent Agile project management module, flexible enough to adapt to your mature Scrum or Kanban workflow.

The key Agile features of YouTrack 4.0 include:

  • Scrum/Kanban boards
  • Backlog management
  • Burndown and Cumulative Flow charts
  • Multiple projects on one board

Other great features in YouTrack 4.0 include:

  • Custom notification templates
  • Custom reordering of issues
  • Subtasks support
  • SSL keys management
  • Workflow compliance
  • Global and Personal Context

Check What's new for more details. Get YouTrack 4.0 absolutely free by downloading a free 10-User pack, or by signing up for YouTrack InCloud, which offers a free plan for up to 9 users.

Be Agile with YouTrack!

dotCover 2.0 With Integrated Unit Test Runner is Released


We are happy to announce a new major release of dotCover, a code coverage tool from JetBrains, now with its own unit test runner. Feel free to download and try dotCover 2.0.

Following this latest update, dotCover features include:

  • A bundled unit test runner as an alternative to integration with JetBrains ReSharper's unit testing tools.
  • Statement-level code coverage analysis in .NET Framework and Silverlight applications.
  • Filtering out specific classes or assemblies from coverage analysis, as well as code marked with specific attributes.
  • Integration with Visual Studio 2012 Release Candidate, in addition to Visual Studio 2005, 2008, and 2010.
  • Support for multiple unit testing frameworks: MSTest, NUnit, xUnit, and MSpec.
  • Highlighting for covered and uncovered code.
  • Console utility to run code coverage analysis as part of Continuous Integration process. JetBrains TeamCity provides dotCover-based code coverage analysis out of the box.
  • Aggregating data from multiple coverage sessions, merging snapshots, and exporting coverage results to XML, HTML and JSON.

Click here to learn more about dotCover 2.0 and download the new release.

dotCover 2.0 Beta is Available


If you're into unit testing on the .NET platform, please take dotCover 2.0 Beta for a test drive.

No longer just a code coverage utility but a full-fledged unit testing tool, dotCover 2.0 gains independence from ReSharper by featuring its own unit test runner. In addition, the new version works in Visual Studio 2012 RC, and introduces attribute filters to ignore analyzing coverage of code that you're not currently interested in.

Download dotCover 2.0 Beta, and please let us know about any problems you're facing via dotCover issue tracker.

YouTrack 4.0 Release Candidate is Released!


Please welcome YouTrack 4.0 Release Candidate! This version of our revolutionary bug & issue tracker is completely devoted to Agile project management.

The key features include:

  • Scrum/Kanban boards
  • Backlog management
  • Burndown and Cumulative Flow charts
  • Subtasks support
  • Custom notification templates
  • SSL keys management
  • Check workflow requirements
  • Global context instead of projects only

Please check release notes for more details. To download YouTrack 4.0 Release Candidate or play with our sandbox InCloud site please visit YouTrack 4.0 EAP page.

Be Agile with YouTrack!

Free .NET Decompiler from JetBrains is Released


We are delighted to announce the inaugural release of dotPeek, the free-of-charge .NET decompiler and assembly browser from JetBrains. Please download and enjoy dotPeek 1.0.

Here's a quick list of features that dotPeek offers:

  • Decompiling .NET Framework 1.0-4.5 assemblies to C#.
  • The look and feel of a code editor, ensuring a familiar environment for developers.
  • Quick overview of code structure and hierarchy.
  • Powerful ReSharper-inspired navigation and search, including instant jump to a specific type, assembly, symbol, or type member, as well as navigation to symbol declarations, implementations, derived and base symbols.
  • Accurate search for symbol usages with advanced presentation of search results.
  • Connecting to symbol and source servers to fetch original source code, if available.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for most actions that would be familiar to ReSharper users.

To learn more about dotPeek 1.0, take an overview of dotPeek features, and/or watch this introductory screencast on JetBrains TV.

YouTrack 3.3: Advanced Full-Text Search


Please welcome YouTrack 3.3 — a fresh update for our innovative bug and issue tracker. This time we focused on intelligent full-text search capabilities, to help you filter issues even faster.

What can you do in the new YouTrack 3.3?

  • Narrow your search down to specific fields: Summary, Description, Comments or Attachments.
  • Search inside the code tag in issue description or comments.
  • Enjoy improved text search for the supported search languages, such as: English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Portuguese, Polish, Swedish, and others.
  • Use morphological analysis for a number of languages, such as Czech, Arabic, Chinese, and Japanese.
  • Filter issues that have a description.

Please check What's New in YouTrack 3.3 for more details. Download YouTrack 3.3 or sign up for YouTrack InCloud — start using the latest version in no time!

PhpStorm 4.0: Do It Right From The First Time


PhpbStorm 4.0 is out!

The new release includes full compliance with PHP 5.4 language features and ECMAScript Harmony support, and killer bug-prevention abilities using PHP Code Sniffer and PHPUnit Code Coverage.

The most important changes include:

  • PHP 5.4 language features support
  • ECMAScript Harmony support
  • Code coverage for PHPUnit
  • Code checking with PHP Code Sniffer
  • Drupal coding style support
  • New PHP code inspections
  • Smarter JavaScript completion

For more details please read what's new, and download PhpStorm 4.0.

dotPeek 1.0 Beta is Available


JetBrains' own free-of-charge .NET decompiler and assembly browser has just entered into a new milestone: please download and try dotPeek 1.0 Beta.

dotPeek decompiles .NET 1.0-4.5 assemblies to C#; provides syntax highlighting, ReSharper-like keyboard support, powerful navigation and search capabilities, and strong code insight (something you would expect from a JetBrains tool anyway.)

Compared to earlier builds, dotPeek 1.0 Beta adds installer, introduces assembly list management, works with archives, folders, and .winmd files, and shows compiled-generated code on request. To learn more about improvements in Beta, see JetBrains .NET Tools Blog.

WebStorm 4.0 in Harmony with ECMAScript!


WebStorm 4.0 is out!

This release includes support of the newest features in the popular scripting language ECMAScript Harmony, also it introduces Code Coverage for JavaScript Unit Test, which lets you see how much code is untested.

The key changes include:

  • ECMAScript Harmony support
  • Code Coverage for JavaScript Unit Test
  • HTML5 Boilerplate and other Web Application Templates
  • Easier JavaScript Library Scope Configuration
  • Smarter ordering of JavaScript completion options
  • Custom code folding regions

For more details please read what's new, and download WebStorm 4.0.

The JetBrains Team

PyCharm 2.5 Gets Environment Friendly


PyCharm, a powerful IDE for Python and Django, has been just updated to version 2.5 adding a bunch of important improvements for professional Python developers.

The main new features of PyCharm 2.5 include:

  • Remote interpreters — full integration with Python interpreters running on remote hosts.
  • Reading dependencies from or requirements.txt.
  • Ability to browse and install packages from PyPI.
  • Stronger virtualenv integration, including virtualenvs creation and auto-detection.
  • UI for creating files and running tasks.
  • Django 1.4 support.
  • VCS: Subversion 1.7 support and better UI for Git branches.
  • JavaScript: Static attributes awareness in JavaScript code completion and resolving plus support of the latest EcmaScript JavaScript engine.
  • Reworked Debugger and Project tool windows UI and further editor speed improvements for Python, JavaScript and CSS coding.

Read more about the new features and download PyCharm 2.5 for your platform.

The JetBrains Team

Easter Egg-stravaganza!


Have you behaved all year and written concise, clear code? Then go get your baskets ready, because the Easter Bunny is close!

From April 2 until April 16, the Easter Bunny is giving away 30% discounts on personal licenses for IntelliJ IDEA, PhpStorm, RubyMine, PyCharm and AppCode as well as 20% on our issue tracker, YouTrack.

Catch the Easter Bunny's before it's gone!

Happy Easter, and develop with pleasure! The JetBrains Team

PyCharm 2.5 Beta Available


PyCharm 2.5 release is approaching and today you can try the Beta version.

The new version of our Python IDE significantly improves integration with remote Python interpreters. An ability to define remote interpreters and virualenvs is added.

Additional "packaging inspections" are introduced to analyze and requirements.txt for defined packages and to allow installing them instantly from the IDE.

To learn more about these and other new features and to download the Beta, please visit PyCharm 2.5 page.

The JetBrains Team

IntelliJ IDEA 11.1 is Available


You'll be pleased to know that IntelliJ IDEA 11.1 is available, which is a massive free update for our flagship IDE. This release includes major improvements over IntelliJ IDEA 11:

  • Subversion (SVN) 1.7 support
  • Reworked UI for Git branches, branches synchronization for multi-root projects
  • Android Lint and some other tools integration
  • Better Gradle integration
  • EcmaScript 6 (Harmony) support (Ultimate)
  • Sybase and DB2 SQL dialects (Ultimate)
  • Hibernate 4.0 (Ultimate)
  • Improved Flex project setup (Ultimate)
  • Performance improvements
  • Further UI tuning

Read more about what's new in IntelliJ IDEA 11.1 and download the edition of your choice.

IntelliJ IDEA 11 Ultimate licensees qualify for a free upgrade to IntelliJ IDEA 11.1. Whichever older version of IntelliJ IDEA you are using now, you can easily upgrade your license to the latest one.

Of course, if you are using the free Community edition you can just download the new version.

The JetBrains Team

dotTrace 5.0 Performance is Released


We are happy to announce the long-awaited major release of dotTrace Performance, the powerful performance profiler for .NET applications.

Key features of dotTrace 5.0 Performance include:

  • Attaching to and detaching from an already running process. You can now involve a profiler on demand, when an application starts displaying performance issues, and detach it from the application as soon as a performance snapshot is captured.
  • Streamlined remote profiling. Profiling .NET applications running on remote computers becomes easier, even in restricted environments.
  • Bundled decompiler. Even if source code is not immediately available, the code of any function featured in a profiling snapshot can now be decompiled.
  • Support for IIS Express. All major servers used to develop and run .NET web applications are now supported: ASP.NET Development Server, IIS Express, and the complete edition of IIS.

To learn more how dotTrace Performance has improved, please read What's New in dotTrace 5.0 Performance and/or watch this screencast on JetBrains TV.

Last but not least, you are welcome to download dotTrace 5.0 Performance.

The JetBrains Team

AppCode 1.5 - kick apps even more!


AppCode 1.5 is released, a big update for our killer Objective-C IDE. The new version features the following major changes:

  • Three times as many refactorings, including extract parameter, extract instance variable, inline anything and others.
  • A number of great improvements to the debugger, e.g. code completion in the debugger console, exception breakpoints, viewing the contents of STL container objects, and more.
  • Improved C++ coding
  • New 'Hierarchy' view that shows imports hierarchy and 'Call Hierarchy' to examine your code execution flow.
  • Better Xcode interoperability: Xcode Schemes are auto-synched with run configurations, ability to manage targets in AppCode and Xcode 4.4 support.
  • Faster project indexing and reload after external changes.
  • Updated IDE UI, and much more.

Read more about what's new, and download AppCode 1.5.

Note: AppCode 1.5 is a free update for everyone with an AppCode license.

The JetBrains Team

dotTrace 5.0 Performance Beta Available


The new JetBrains .NET performance profiler release is approaching fast: starting today, you can download dotTrace 5.0 Performance Beta.

dotTrace 5.0 Performance allows attaching to an already running process, improves remote profiling experience, contains an integrated decompiler, and supports profiling web applications running under IIS Express.

To learn more about new functionality, please read What's New in dotTrace 5.0 Performance Beta.

dotTrace Performance: Free Upgrade to Version 5


Good news for everyone who cares about .NET application performance. Starting February 23, any dotTrace 4.x Performance licenses that you buy make you eligible for a free upgrade to the upcoming dotTrace 5 Performance.

For details on features scheduled for dotTrace 5.x Performance, please see this EAP announcement post on the JetBrains .NET Tools blog.

TeamCity 7.0: Control the Power!


TeamCity 7.0, the latest release of our build management and continuous integration system, is here to give you more versatility and much finer control over the whole CI process.

The major improvements include: customizable workload distribution among build agents, tools for build time optimization such as incremental builds and performance monitor, as well as build chains (pipelines) visualization, and much more.

Other key enhancements in TeamCity 7.0 include:

  • Organizing build agents in pools to assign to projects
  • Incremental builds
  • Extended build chains support and visualization
  • Build failure conditions
  • Build parameters with custom UI
  • Branch graphs for change history (Git and Mercurial)
  • TeamCity as native NuGet feed server, and many more

See What's New for more details and download TeamCity 7.0 here.

TeamCity comes with a free Professional Server license, which gives you full access to all product features, with no time limit; the only restriction is a maximum of 20 build configurations. Alternatively, please consider buying an Enterprise Server license. For more information, or help with licensing and upgrading, please click here.

Keep building with pleasure!

YouTrack 3.2: Through-the-Roof Performance


Please welcome YouTrack 3.2, a fresh update for your super-fast issue tracker! Super-fast, because this release is totally dedicated to performance improvements.

These improvements affect all parts of the software, from launching YouTrack to search queries, notification system, full issue screen, release notes and more.

Here are the juicy details about the great performance improvements we've got today:

  • Processing complicated search requests has been optimized by up to 10 times.
  • Showing suggestions and underlines are sped up in search queries, commands, and the create/edit report dialog.
  • The notifications queue is now processed up to 5 times faster.
  • Opening issues in HTML is greatly improved as well. No more waiting!
  • The results of matrix reports are now stored in the DB, which means that they are recalculated now only per request.

Please read What's New in YouTrack 3.2 page for more details. Download YouTrack 3.2 along with YouTrack Workflow Editor 3.2 or sign up for YouTrack InCloud — the latest version is already here!

Enjoy your rocket-fast issue tracker even more! JetBrains YouTrack Team

ReSharper 6.1.1: New Maintenance Release


Following an early access program, we're making available ReSharper 6.1.1: a new maintenance release of the awesome Visual Studio productivity tool.

It should be noted that if you're happy with version 6.1, there's probably not much sense in upgrading to 6.1.1. However, if you're experiencing any of these 40 bugs with 6.1, they are now fixed, and you're welcome to download and enjoy ReSharper 6.1.1.

RubyMine 4 is Out - Speed Up with Ruby and Rails IDE!


We're pleased to announce the immediate availability of RubyMine 4.0, our intelligent Ruby on Rails IDE! The new major release is available for download.

This release provides significantly faster code indexing and analysis, which means improved responsiveness in all aspects of the IDE.

Other key changes in RubyMine 4.0 include:

  • New, streamlined UI for all supported platforms: Windows, Mac OS and Linux.
  • Dozens of new Ruby code inspections, Inline method and Unwrap refactorings.
  • New search options and improved Structure and Hierarchy views.
  • Rails framework support up to version 3.2 and integration with Phusion Passenger.
  • Сode insight, formatting, compilation and launching via Node.js for CoffeeScript.
  • Formatting for SCSS/LESS languages.
  • Testing and debugging improvements with support for Minitest 2.10 and RSpec 2.8.
  • Git revisions graph and other VCS support enhancements.

To learn more, please visit RubyMine site. Please note that RubyMine 4.0 is a free update for everyone who purchased their license after Feb 14, 2011.

As usual, a 30-day trial is available if you want to try RubyMine as your Ruby on Rails IDE.

Kotlin Goes Open Source!


Since 2010 we've been developing a modern programming language for Java and JavaScript platforms, kode-named Kotlin. Well, today it went Open Source!

To see what it all looks like, try the Kotlin Web Demo, a web-based environment for editing, running and sharing Kotlin programs. Your feedback would be music to our ears!

We are also looking for Kontributors, i.e. Kotlin contributors — brave souls eager to make this world a better place together with us. All Kontributions, from Kompiler (a.k.a. Kotlin compiler) to IDE patches to libraries and examples, are welcome and appreciated.

To stay tuned with Kotlin news, please check our Kotlin Blog from time to time.

Happy Koding! The JetBrains Kotlin Team