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PhpStorm 7.1 minor update is released


It's only been a few months since the release of PhpStorm 7 but we're glad to announce a fresh update — let it be our present for upcoming holidays.

PhpStorm 7.1 update brings a bunch of features, bug fixes and improvements for PHP & web related technologies, as well as all changes from the significantly improved IntelliJ IDEA 13 platform. PhpStorm 7.1 is already available for download.

On the PHP side:

  • Exception breakpoints and Xdebug jit option support
  • Full Doctrine-style PHP Annotations support via updated Open API
  • A way to document mixins regardless of PHP version: PhpStorm will interpret @mixin annotation the same way as actual "use trait"
  • VCS-friendly Deployment configs: deployment mappings and excluded paths are now saved in .idea/deployment.xml. They are mapped to servers by names
  • Clickable @link URLs in editor
  • Special treatment for protected member access on @var-declared $this in Views
  • Parameter name suggestion based on its type name
  • and many other bug fixes and improvements.

On the web side:

  • Mocha framework integration
  • Improved support for Dart language
  • LESS 1.5.0 is supported.

PhpStorm 7.1 update bring you completely in sync with the recently released IntelliJ IDEA 13 platform, delivering a lot of fixes, improvements and features, such as:

  • Search everywhere
  • Lens mode
  • New minimalistic and functional interface
  • Speed search
  • Navigate to folder
  • Improved Find in Path
  • New fast and powerful log viewer for Git and Mercurial
  • Support for Subversion 1.8 (via the native client)
  • Retina support in JDK 7
  • Better performance with faster Find Usages and Navigate to Actions, and more responsive editor during indexing
  • and much more...

For more details please read What's new in PhpStorm 7 & 7.1 and download the IDE for your operating system.

JetBrains PhpStorm Team

ReSharper, Other JetBrains .NET Tools Receive Updates


Today is a good day for .NET developers as we at JetBrains have just released updates to our stack of .NET development tools. ReSharper 8.1 is now available for download, as are compatible updates to dotCover for code coverage and dotTrace Performance for performance profiling.

ReSharper 8.1 highlights include:

  • Support for TypeScript with refactorings, navigation, code completion, code rearranging and code inspections such as detecting unused parameters and invalid CSS references.
  • Improved integration into Visual Studio 2013, fine-tuned to work better with Visual Studio 2013 RTM. We also provide specific integration with the two leading code editor features of Visual Studio 2013: Peek Definition and Enhanced Scroll Bar. Of course, support for Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010 and 2012 is available as before.
  • More C# code inspections capable of revealing potentially severe runtime issues such as invalid cast exceptions and infinite loops.
  • Enhanced Project Dependency View including analysis of indirect project relationships, a polished UI and a performance boost.
  • Richer JavaScript support with Structural Search and Replace (SSR), and improvements in renaming and navigating between/to JavaScript symbols.
  • Even greater XAML tooling with support for Windows 8.1 XAML apps and new typing assistance actions such as "Import types on paste".
  • About 500 bug fixes and performance improvements.

For more details, consider reading about TypeScript Support in ReSharper 8.1, Visual Studio 2013 Support in ReSharper 8.1 and Architecture Tools: Improvements in ReSharper 8.1. We're going to blog more about this update, which makes following ReSharper 8.1 on JetBrains .NET Tools Blog a generally good idea.

dotCover 2.6 and dotTrace Performance 5.5.3 are both compatible with ReSharper 8.1 and work in Visual Studio 2013. dotCover 2.6 additionally introduces Extension Manager to simplify keeping up to date with xUnit and MSpec plug-ins.

We recommend that you download ReSharper 8.1, dotCover 2.6 and dotTrace Performance 5.5.3, and we certainly hope that you enjoy these latest updates.

IntelliJ IDEA 13 is Released!


We are thrilled to announce that IntelliJ IDEA 13, the new major version of our flagship Java IDE, is finally available.

This release includes the following important enhancements:

  • Even more straightforward user interface
  • Complete support for Java EE 7, including CDI 1.1, JSF 2.2, JAX-RS 2.0, Batch and others
  • Spring support improvements, with better performance, a new dedicated tool window, and easier project configuration
  • Refined Gradle support, with code insight and smooth project synchronization
  • New tools for Android development, including better editor and UI designer, SQLite data access and many more
  • Improved Git, Mercurial and Subversion tools (including support for Subversion 1.8)
  • Better Scala support with built-in SBT integration
  • Enhanced debugger
  • Better performance
  • Improved database tools and SQL support
  • The new built-in Terminal tool window
  • CloudFoundry 2.0, OpenShift and Heroku deployment tools
  • And many more benefits

For more details please read What's new in IntelliJ IDEA 13 and download the IntelliJ IDEA edition of your choice.

RubyMine 6: Let Your Ruby Shine


We're happy to announce the release of RubyMine 6, the new major release of our powerful Ruby and Rails IDE. This new release focuses on improving Ruby language support with enhanced code insight and a faster debugger, and comes with long-awaited support for multiple projects. In addition, the IDE as a whole works faster than ever before thanks to a set of significant performance optimizations.

Key features of RubyMine 6 include:

  • Enhanced Ruby support up to version 2.1.0-preview1
  • Boosted overall IDE performance, reworked code insight for faster editing and code completion
  • 2 new refactorings: “Extract Class” and “Find Duplicates for Extract Method”
  • Built-in SSH console and local terminal
  • Integration with Zeus
  • Faster Ruby visual debugger and support for debugger-gem with a multi-process debugging option
  • Adjustable auto-test delay, and more.
  • This release also includes many features and improvements from the IntelliJ Platform continuously developed by JetBrains, including:

    • GitHub pull requests from the IDE
    • Database and SQL improvements
    • Presentation and Full Screen views for Windows, Linux and OS X
    • Support for Subversion 1.8.

    For more details please check What's new in RubyMine 6 and feel free to download the IDE for your operating system.

PhpStorm 7: Beyond the Language


We're glad to announce the release of PhpStorm 7, the newest version of our IDE for PHP and web development. The new major update of PhpStorm keeps you up with latest PHP & web languages trends, integrates a variety of modern tools, and brings even more extensibility with support for major PHP frameworks:

  • PHP language support: PHP 5.5, improved PHP syntax coloring for various constructs, type inference and PHPDoc improvements, new refactorings (Move Static Member and Extract Interface), new inspections and quick-fixes.
  • Built-in tools: Vagrant, built-in SSH console & remote tools, local terminal, support for even more command line tools (Zend Framework 2 Tool, tools based on Symfony Console such as Laravel and Doctrine, and Drush for Drupal), and Google App Engine for PHP.
  • Debugging and testing: debugger configuration validation, debugging with Smart Step Into, PHPUnit on Server improvements.
  • Frameworks and plugins: built-in support for Drupal; 3rd-party plugins for Symfony and other frameworks are updated for PhpStorm 7.

PhpStorm 7 also brings a brand new web toolkit:

  • Different JavaScript templates (EJS, Mustache, Handlebars) & Web Components support.
  • Support for modern stylesheets: Stylus and Compass.
  • JavaScript and Node.js: JavaScript Karma test runner and the istanbul code coverage engine, integrated node package manager npm.
  • Major changes in Live Edit and JavaScript Debugging.

This release inherits many features and improvements recently made to the IntelliJ Platform, including GitHub pull requests from the IDE, database and SQL improvements, presentation and full screen view for all platforms, and more.

For more details please read What's new in PhpStorm 7 and download the IDE for your operating system.

JetBrains PhpStorm Team

AppCode 2.5 is here with CocoaPods support, more C++ features, and full Xcode 5 compatibility


We would like to let you know that AppCode 2.5, a fresh update for our Objective-C IDE, is now available. This version includes the following important changes

  1. Full compatibility with Xcode 5, 64-bit iOS Simulator and iOS 7, as well as support for XCTest.
  2. Support for the popular dependency manager CocoaPods, with code completion and inspections in pod files, as well as automatic install and update of pods.
  3. Ability to rerun failed tests and selected tests.
  4. Support for Google Test.
  5. New C++ code generation options: Override/Implement and Constructor/Desctructor.
  6. And more!

Other important updates include:

  • Improved Variables view in JavaScript debugger and new Elements tab.
  • Support for the latest TypeScript 0.9.
  • Added support for Compass, a CSS authoring framework.
  • New features in REST Client.
  • GitHub pull request, and much more.

For more details please read What's new in AppCode 2.5 and download the IDE.

JetBrains AppCode Team

Welcome WebStorm 7.0 - Everything you need, at your fingertips, without compromise


We are excited to announce the official release of WebStorm 7.0, our JavaScript IDE. Here is what we've prepared for you

  1. Added support for EJS, Web Components, Mustache and Handlebars templates, for an even more complete development experience.
  2. Initial support for Stylus stylesheet language that includes competition, formatting, syntax highlighting and automatic compilation to CSS.
  3. Integration with the Karma test runner and the istanbul code coverage engine for simple and powerful JavaScript testing.
  4. Node package manager npm and Terminal available right in the IDE - raise your productivity to a new level!

For more details please read What's new in WebStorm 7 and download the IDE for your operating system.

WebStorm 7.0 is a free update for everyone who purchased their licence after September 26, 2012.

JetBrains WebStorm Team

PyCharm 3.0 is out and open to the community!


We are happy to let you all know that we’ve just released PyCharm 3.0, the newest version of our Python IDE. It comes with an outstanding lineup of new features and enhancements, including:

  • SQLAlchemy support
  • Pyramid & Web2Py web frameworks support
  • Full-featured embedded local terminal
  • Configurable language injections
  • Improvements in Python and Django code intelligence
  • Much better code insight for PyQt and PyGTK
  • And more...

But the most amazing announcement is that:

Starting from version 3.0, PyCharm comes in two editions: Community and Professional.

In other words, there is now a free edition of PyCharm!

Read more about what's new in PyCharm 3.0 and download the IDE for your platform.

For details on the differences between Community Edition and Professional Edition, please visit the Editions Comparison page.

PyCharm 3.0 Professional Edition is a free update for everyone who purchased their license after Sep 24, 2012. As usual, a 30-day trial is available if you want to try PyCharm as your new Python/Django IDE.

JetBrains PyCharm Team

JetBrains MPS 3.0 released


JetBrains MPS 3.0 is now ready for download. The major new features and capabilities include:

  • Tight interoperability between Java and BaseLanguage in IntelliJ IDEA, allowing you to safely navigate and refactor your code while ignoring the language boundaries
  • Multiple editors per concept to fully leverage the projectional nature of the MPS editor
  • Smoothened the editor experience for BaseLanguage, giving you almost text-like feel in most situations
  • Open API offering you managed access to the MPS repository, its modules, models and nodes
  • Custom persistence API to easily customize the way models get stored
  • Default editors to ease language prototyping and provide fallback editors
  • Automatic Java to MPS BaseLanguage conversion in the IDEA plugin for easy code migration to MPS
  • Improvements to the UI, including the fancy Darcula color scheme

Check out a complete list of all the new capabilities, download MPS 3.0 and enjoy building your DSLs.

JetBrains MPS Team

dotCover 2.5 Released: Hot Spots and ReSharper 8 Integration


We are excited to announce the long-awaited release of dotCover 2.5, a considerable update to our code coverage analysis tool for .NET applications. You can now download dotCover 2.5 RTM.

Highlights of dotCover 2.5 include:

  • dotCover now integrates with ReSharper 8. If you're using ReSharper's unit test runner, you should upgrade to dotCover 2.5 to be able to analyze unit test coverage.
  • This version introduces the Hot Spots view that helps identify the most risky methods in your solution, in terms of high cyclomatic complexity and low unit test coverage.
  • As a result of major internal improvements dotCover’s memory consumption has been significantly decreased.
  • dotCover 2.5 lets you merge coverage snapshots even if different filters are applied to them.

Please welcome to download and try the latest dotCover 2.5.

Free .NET Decompiler Updated: Meet dotPeek 1.1


.NET developers rejoice! An eagerly awaited update for the free .NET decompiler from JetBrains is finally available: you can download dotPeek 1.1.

Highlights of this update include:

  • Export Assembly to Project: based on high demand, we have enabled saving decompiled assemblies as Visual Studio projects.
  • Exploring projects in Assembly Explorer: you can now browse projects (.csproj files) and everything that's included in them after generating the projects from decompiled sources.
  • BAML decompilation, meaning that if you've got a compiled WPF app, you can easily look at its XAML UI definitions.
  • Multiple decompiler improvements including better support for async methods and lambdas, LINQ expressions and field-like events.
  • Go to everything: following the footsteps of ReSharper 8, dotPeek 1.1 includes Go to Everything, a navigation command that enables navigating to either file, symbol or type within one menu.
  • Bookmarks have also made their way to dotPeek from ReSharper.
  • dotPeek now preserves window layout settings and the list of recently opened files between application launches.
  • In addition to the .msi installer, dotPeek is now also distributed as 32-bit and 64-bit executables, which supersede the previously available .zip archive distribution.

Please download dotPeek 1.1 for even better decompilation experience!

YouTrack 5.0 Speaks Your Language


We are thrilled to introduce the release of YouTrack 5.0, our agile issue tracker and project management tool.

YouTrack 5.0 has great answers for questions you've asked us recently. It brings several highly demanded features including localization, enhanced Agile project tracking, and a restyled UI.

The key features in YouTrack 5.0 include:

  • Localization into French, German, Russian, and Spanish
  • Significant Agile board enhancements:
    • Cross-project Agile board
    • Multiple Agile boards
    • Swimlanes based on attributes support
    • Visibility settings per Agile board
    • New backlog management
  • Restyled UI: new full issue screen, restyled create/edit screen, and issues list

Other great features include:

  • Sharp-looking Darcula TV scheme for Agile board
  • Wiki Markup
  • Similar issues tab
  • Clone Issue command
  • Screenshot tool
  • Database improvements

To learn more please visit our What's New page.

Get the latest YouTrack 5.0 free for up to 10 users by downloading a free pack, or by signing up for YouTrack InCloud, hosted in the cloud by us.

Track it softly with YouTrack 5.0 codenamed "Gentle" JetBrains YouTrack Team

dotTrace 5.5 Performance is released


Today we're happy to announce the release of dotTrace 5.5 Performance, an update for our performance profiler for .NET developers. Apart from minor fixes, it includes the following changes:

  • Integration with ReSharper 8.
  • A new way to analyze snapshots in terms of Subsystems. With Subsystems view you get a quick overview of where a possible bottleneck may originate without digging deep into callstacks.
  • Refined Overview tab that shows all the significant information about application performance including the Hot Spots at one screen.
  • New Hot Spots algorithm accounting for system code.
  • dotTrace snapshot files (*.dtp) now occupy twice less disk space.

Watch this screencast to learn more about what's new and try the updated dotTrace 5.5 Performance right now!

dotTrace 5.5 Performance comes as a free upgrade for all dotTrace 5.0 Performance users, as well as for all dotTrace 4.x Performance customers who have purchased the product after February 23, 2012.

The JetBrains Team

ReSharper 8.0 Hits the Market


Following a great effort from both the product team and early adopters, we're excited to finally announce that ReSharper 8.0 is officially released and available for download!

The new release refines many existing functionality areas and introduces a new one, namely architecture tools. Highlights of ReSharper 8.0 include:

  • Support for Visual Studio 2013 Preview while preserving compatibility with previous versions of the IDE, namely Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010 and 2012.
  • Faster code fixes. Thanks to the new Fix in Scope mechanism, many of the code fixes that ReSharper suggests can now be batch-applied in the scope of a project, project folder, or even the whole solution.
  • Architecture tools. ReSharper can now visualize a project dependency graph for a high-level perspective of dependencies within a Visual Studio solution, and do so without requiring to compile any code.
  • Multifile templates. This new kind of ReSharper templates allows expanding to more than a single file, helping easily generate view-model pairs and other common sets of files.
  • New navigation features including Go to Everything, Assembly Explorer, Navigate to Generic Substitutions and Navigate to Assembly Explorer.
  • New automated refactorings. The set of fresh refactorings is headlined by the highly requested Move Instance Method to move methods between classes without making them static.
  • Extraordinary XAML support. Developers working on WPF, Windows Phone, Windows Store and other kinds of XAML-based applications are now covered with a new set of dedicated code inspections and quick-fixes, plus a pack of refactorings to manipulate styles and resources, among other improvements.
  • Revised code completion. ReSharper 8 brings richer automatic completion that is able to import types, the new concept of double completion, code generation items in suggestion lists, and more improvements to IntelliSense.
  • Easy extension management. With the new NuGet-based Extension Manager, discovering, installing and uninstalling ReSharper extensions is now much quicker in Visual Studio 2010 and higher.
  • CSS support improvements. Web developers can now enjoy browser compatibility checks, new code inspections and color conversion actions, as well as CSS code completion available in many new contexts.
  • Free command-line version of ReSharper. The new ReSharper Command Line Tools is a set of free console tools that execute ReSharper inspections outside of Visual Studio and additionally help find code duplicates. Distributed as a separate download, the tools can be integrated with Continuous Integration or code quality management servers.

You just owe it to yourself to download ReSharper 8.0 and test it in action!

For more details on different improvements, you can follow ReSharper blog or watch ReSharper 8 videos.

The JetBrains Team

ReSharper 8.0 Beta is Available


Following an extended early access program, ReSharper 8.0 Beta is now available for download! New features and improvements in ReSharper 8.0 include:

  • Support for Visual Studio 2013 Preview
  • Fix in Scope to batch-apply a set of ReSharper quick-fixes in the scope of a project or solution
  • Project dependency viewer
  • Multifile templates
  • New navigation features including Go to Everything, Assembly Explorer, Navigate to Generic Substitutions and Navigate to Assembly Explorer
  • New refactorings including Move Instance Method
  • XAML support enhanced with new code inspections, quick-fixes and refactorings
  • More accessible code completion
  • Extension Manager for easy plug-in discovery and installation
  • CSS support improvements in terms of usage search, code inspections and CSS version support
  • Command-line tools

For a more complete overview of ReSharper 8.0 Beta functionality, please see What's New in ReSharper 8.0 Beta, and for further details, read about ReSharper 8.0 on the JetBrains .NET Tools blog.

If there's anything about ReSharper 8.0 Beta that doesn't work for you, be it regression cases, incomplete features, or performance and memory consumption problems, please contact ReSharper support, or just use the ReSharper icon in the toolbar of Visual Studio to submit your feedback.

The JetBrains Team

TeamCity 8.0 — The Light Side of Continuous Integration!


We are excited to announce the release of TeamCity 8.

This major update provides an enhanced projects structure and several features designed to simplify TeamCity server maintenance.

First of all, TeamCity 8.0 allows grouping of projects in hierarchy, which is more suitable for real-life projects and helps reuse settings. The new version also comes equipped with a number of reports targeted to find problematic places in the server configuration. Finally, teams that need to reduce server maintenance time will benefit from a much faster (up to 5 times) build history cleanup.

Other key changes in TeamCity 8 include:

  • Meta-Runner - allows reusing build steps among configurations and representing them as a native TeamCity runner
  • Improved build problems reporting: detection of new problems, ability to assign an investigation or mute a build problem
  • Feature branches building based on Mercurial bookmarks and Git tags
  • TeamCity is able to detect and show changes made in Mercurial sub-repositories
  • The native IntelliJ IDEA compiler is now bundled with TeamCity 8, which means that for IntelliJ IDEA projects you get much faster incremental compilation and support for Scala, Groovy, Closure, Kotlin, Android, GWT and many other technologies supported by IntelliJ IDEA.

We also have great news for customers using TeamCity Professional Server! Since v8.0, each additional Build Agent License entered in TeamCity Professional Server gives you 10 more build configurations.

Please see What's New for more details and download TeamCity 8.

The JetBrains Team

AppCode 2.1 is available!


We just wanted to let you know that AppCode 2.1 is now available. This update focuses on general performance and stability and features:

  • Background indexing and indexing optimization.
  • Code generation and refactorings improvements.
  • Warnings suppression feature.

Please see What's New for more details and download AppCode 2.1.

Please, note that AppCode 2.1 is a free update.

JetBrains AppCode Team

dotTrace 5.3.2 Performance is Available


We are glad to announce a new maintenance release of our .NET performance profiler. Please feel free to download the latest dotTrace 5.3.2 Performance.

dotTrace 5.3.2 Performance now supports the latest CLR 4.5, so if you have installed this update or plan to do it, we would recommend to use the newest version of the profiler.

ReSharper 7.1.3 for Visual Studio 2012 Update 2


Good news for all .NET developers who are using Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Update 2: please download ReSharper 7.1.3, which is mostly about compatibility with the fresh Visual Studio bits.

ReSharper can now successfully run MSTest fixtures in VS2012 Update 2; adds support for Windows Phone 8 unit test projects; and becomes compatible with the final release of LightSwitch HTML Client as part of VS2012 Update 2.

The JetBrains Team

IntelliJ IDEA 12.1 with JavaFX 2 Support is Available


We are excited to let you know that IntelliJ IDEA 12.1, a big update for our flagship IDE, is now available for download.

In addition to major improvements for features added in v12, this release brings advanced support for JavaFX 2, Oracle’s new rich client platform for Java. The IDE now provides complete support for FXML markup, custom CSS, code completion, navigation and search, refactorings, packaging tools and integration with SceneBuilder.

Other important new features in IntelliJ IDEA 12.1 include:

  • Better Java 8 support
  • Enhancements in the Darcula UI theme
  • Retina support and fullscreen mode for Windows
  • Groovy 2.1 support
  • Improved Scala support
  • Enhanced Gradle integration
  • Spring Framework 3.2 and Play Framework 2.1 support (Ultimate)
  • Adobe Gaming SDK support (Ultimate)
  • Debugger for CoffeeScript, TypeScript and Dart via source maps (Ultimate)
  • Sass support improvements (Ultimate)

Read more about what's new in IntelliJ IDEA 12.1 and download the edition of your choice.

IntelliJ IDEA 12 Ultimate licensees qualify for a free upgrade to IntelliJ IDEA 12.1. If you’re using an older version of IntelliJ IDEA, please read about the available upgrade your license options.

If you are using the free Community edition, you can just download the new version.

The JetBrains Team

AppCode 2.0 — Objective-C IDE done right


We are happy to announce that AppCode 2.0, the newest version of our Objective-C IDE, is now available. In addition to being much faster, the latest release introduces a whole bunch of breakthrough features:

  • Support for Kiwi testing framework.
  • Integration with two popular documentation browsers: Dash and Ingredients.
  • Extended and improved set of refactorings, adding such vital ones as Move/Copy/Clone and Pull Members Up/Push Members Down.
  • Even more code generation options: now you can easily surround code with -respondsToSelector: and automatically add the methods -isEqual: and -hash, -description, -copyWithZone:, -initWithCoder: and -encodeWithCoder:.
  • Over 2000 code inspections and error diagnostics notes from Clang compiler, now displayed right in the editor.
  • New dark UI theme called Darcula for an absolutely new and fresh experience while working with the IDE.
  • Core Data objects shown in the debugger.
  • Improved device support featuring options to run tests and Instruments on an iOS device.
  • Bundled XPath support and support for Emmet. And more!

Please see What's New for more details and download AppCode 2.0.

Upgrading to AppCode 2.0 is free if you purchased your license on or after March 20, 2012.

JetBrains AppCode Team

PhpStorm 6 gives you more tools to develop smarter, not harder


We are excited to announce that PhpStorm 6.0, the newest version of our PHP IDE, is here to enhance your productivity with a mix of powerful intelligent tools, useful everyday actions and best practices for PHP development:

  • New refactorings: Change signature, Pull Up/Push Down class members, and Move class
  • Composer dependency manager for PHP support
  • Smarter namespace handling - Auto-import, Optimize Imports and more
  • Code (re)arranger - control the structure of your existing and generated code
  • Fully customisable templates, including PHPDoc
  • More code inspections, smarter code completion, and better runtime error prevention
  • New Database schema editor and change tracking tools

PhpStorm 6 also provides a brand new web toolkit:

  • File Watchers - for easy SASS, LESS, SCSS, CofeeScript, TypeScript transpilation
  • Full-featured debugging of TypeScript, Dart or CoffeeScript with source maps
  • Refined handling of JS libraries, including minified versions detection
  • REST Client to test RESTful web services right from the IDE
  • Re-worked HTML structure view
  • Improved HTML and CSS coding including Emmet

And last but not least, version 6 features a fresh IDE look and feel, Retina-ready icons, and Darcula, a new native dark UI theme for the IDE and the editor.

For more details please read What's new in PhpStorm 6 and download the IDE for your operating system.

PhpStorm 6.0 is a free update for everyone who purchased their license after Mar 12, 2012.

The JetBrains PhpStorm Team

WebStorm 6.0 — turbo-charge your cutting edge web dev workflow with time-saving tools


WebStorm 6.0 is available for immediate download and we are very excited to tell you what we've done!

The newest version of WebStorm, our JavaScript IDE, allows for smarter and more streamlined web development with modern languages such as TypeScript, CoffeeScript and Dart. In addition to providing a first-class code editor for these languages, WebStorm 6 offers:

  • Automatic compilation/transpilation of these higher-level languages into those recognized by browsers on all supported platforms.
  • Full-featured debugging of TypeScript, Dart or CoffeeScript with source maps.

Other noteworthy features include:

  • Live Edit, which we introduced in the previous release, is now even more convenient to use and supports HTML5 live editing.
  • Improved HTML and CSS coding, with a re-designed HTML structure view and support for even faster coding using Emmet in the editor.
  • Revised approach to handling JavaScript libraries, allowing JS developers to work transparently with minimized and compiled files stored in the project: use them only when needed and ignore them the rest of the time.
  • Fresh IDE look and feel, and Darcula, a new native dark UI theme for the IDE and the editor.

Read more about these and other new features on WebStorm web site and download your 30-day trial for your platform.

WebStorm 6.0 is a free update for everyone who purchased their license after Mar 6, 2012.

The JetBrains WebStorm Team

New Maintenance Releases: ReSharper 7.1.2, dotTrace 5.3.1 Performance


New maintenance releases to our .NET tools are now available: please download ReSharper 7.1.2 and dotTrace 5.3.1 Performance.

ReSharper 7.1.2 contains fixes to Find Usages and auto-completion in XAML, brings a pack of unit testing improvements related to running MSTest fixtures in Visual Studio 2012, and adds more updates to the installer.

dotTrace 5.3.1 Performance fixes fetching PDB files required for code preview, and improves installation in certain scenarios.

If you're experiencing any of the issues mentioned above, please try out these new updates. However, if previous releases are working fine for you, it's probably best to just stick with them.

YouTrack 4.2 is ready to chat with you


A new important update to YouTrack 4.2, our agile issue tracker and project management tool, is here! Now you can chat with YouTrack Jabber-Bot, share Zendesk tickets with YouTrack and more.

Here are the highlights of YouTrack 4.2:

  • Chat with YouTrack Jabber-Bot: Send search queries, apply commands to specific issues, and ask for help directly from your Jabber.
  • Integration with Zendesk: Share your Zendesk ticket with YouTrack to create a new issue in YouTrack and automatically synchronize further changes.
  • Many new useful workflows.
  • A new 'Visible to' command and search query.
  • Mailbox integration enhancement.
  • Performance improvements: With YouTrack 4.2, you can track faster than ever before.

Check What's New for more details and download YouTrack 4.2 or sign up for YouTrack InCloud right now! Both options are available free for up to 10 users.

If you are already using YouTrack InCloud, your site will be upgraded to the latest version automatically according to our Maintenance Calendar

JetBrains YouTrack Team

PyCharm 2.7 is available: back to core Python


We've released PyCharm 2.7, a big update for our Python and Django IDE.

The main focus of this update is better Python coding experience. We've added new code refactorings such as Change Signature and Introduce Parameter, and made our code analysis routine even smarter by using type information collected at runtime during debugging and tests execution. Better PEP 8 integration is now ensured by running in the background to show you coding style violations on the fly as you're editing your code.

Other changes and new features in this update include:

  • General editing improvements such as Unwrap action, Reflow Paragraph, etc.
  • Fresh IDE look and feel, and Darcula, a new native dark UI theme for the IDE and the editor.
  • Vagrant integration and SSH console.
  • Many bugfixes and improvements in the Vim emulation plugin.
  • Django 1.5 compatibility.
  • Many enhancements for editing JavaScript and CoffeeScript.
  • Syntax highlighting based on TextMate bundles.

Read more about what's new in PyCharm 2.7 and download the IDE for your platform.

PyCharm 2.7 is a free update for everyone who purchased their license after Feb 7, 2012.

As usual, a 30-day trial is available if you want to try PyCharm as your new Python/Django IDE.

JetBrains PyCharm Team

RubyMine 5 is Released!


We're pleased to announce the major release of RubyMine 5, our intelligent Ruby on Rails IDE, now available for download.

RubyMine 5 significantly expands the boundaries of the very diverse Ruby world and now provides its acclaimed tools for more types of Ruby development. Smart code assistance, testing and debugging features are now available for RubyMotion, cutting-edge Ruby 2.0, JRuby, Web applications and many others:

  • For Ruby iOS development, the IDE now supports RubyMotion.
  • CoffeeScript debugger makes Web development more effective and failproof.
  • For cutting-edge Ruby 2.0 development, RubyMine includes syntax and debugging support.
  • Syntax highlighting is now available for most programming languages, by importing TextMate bundles.
  • Full running and debugging support is now available for TorqueBox and Trinidad platforms.
  • Creating gems applications is now as simple as creating any other app.
  • Integration of remote Ruby interpreters is added for managing remote applications.
  • Puppet support is added for better management of application servers.

In addition, RubyMine 5 brings a number of IDE improvements to help you develop more comfortably, including a new dark look-and-feel for the UI; improvements in the IdeaVim plugin; new features for Sass and LESS languages; and other enhancements. To learn more, please visit our What's New page.

You can buy or renew your RubyMine license on our website. If your RubyMine license is under an upgrade subscription valid on February 6, 2013, then you qualify for a free upgrade to RubyMine 5.