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Fuego® provides Business Process Management System software that makes your critical enterprise assets work the way you do and change as you change. By orchestrating applications, people, and partners into executable, end-to-end processes, FuegoBPM™ closes the gap between business strategy and business execution. The Fuego BPM Software Suite manages and optimizes the end-to-end process lifecycle, delivering the capability to:

  • Rapidly model any process, regardless of scope, regardless of complexity
  • Easily connect to every back-end system and application that supports the process
  • Create customized user work environments for easy navigation and task management
  • Orchestrate enterprise process execution, escalation and exception management through a secure, highly scalable process engine
  • Monitor and measure real-time process performance through a tightly integrated business reporting system
  • Optimize process performance through advanced technology that isolates process breakpoints and automatically determines required changes

How does IntelliJ IDEA help?

"The product we develop is done mainly in Java, and we required a development environment that could handle a lot of sources, modules and several different resources all at once. Our base code includes well above 1 million lines of Java code. With all this in mind, it is one of the many reasons why we selected IntelliJ IDEA, particularly with its powerful ability to show the impact of modifications on all the related sources. We have taken full advantage of its integrated VCS, to keep working copies updated, to compare in a very easy manner new changes against previous versions, and much more."

"... IntelliJ IDEA has been a powerful force with helping use improve our productivity..."

"We develop a product the same way as anybody else, and IntelliJ IDEA has been a powerful force with helping us improve our productivity by integrating several development tools that have been instrumental to our development environment into one highly productive interface that never feels cluttered and is easy to use."

Why did you choose IntelliJ IDEA?

"IntelliJ IDEA's powerful refactorings coupled with its deep insight into our code provides us with unparalleled knowledge and the right tools to write new code and maintain existing code in a very efficient manner."

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