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Synygy, Inc. provides software and services for creating performance-driven organizations. Synygy solutions enable companies to better execute their strategies by 'operationalizing' how they define performance, reward success, and deliver results.

Synygy has invested over $1 million in software development and testing solutions as part of a commitment to a new, rapid development process focused on improving software quality and speeding development time. Synygy's solutions are 100% web-based, zero-footprint, scaleable J2EE applications that are designed to eliminate custom coding, achieve very rapid implementation times, and make maintenance and upgrades a simple, hassle-free, inexpensive process.

How does IntelliJ IDEA help?

"Using IntelliJ DEA has made refactoring easy. It shows information about where some refactored class is being used, so that we can verify changed usages."

"Using IntelliJ IDEA has made refactoring easy."

"Additionally, debugging in IntelliJ IDEA is extremely helpful, as we can debug a web application while it's still running, for example. Not only this, it clearly shows compilation errors while coding on-the-fly, which makes for finding errors (or stopping them before they happen) extremely easy."

Why did you choose IntelliJ IDEA?

"IntelliJ IDEA has a very convenient and user friendly interface and a lot of handy and helpful features. Its IntelliJence, look and feel, and speed compared to the rest of crowd, especially with IntelliJ 4.0, have been a big plus. Its Code Inspection tool has also proved to be very beneficial to us."


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