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As an IntelliJ user ever since 2002, I am very impressed not only by its trademark Java editor but in particular by the ongoing evolution of IDEA's Spring support: new Spring Framework and Boot features get picked up with an amazing turnaround time!

Juergen Hoeller, Spring Framework project lead, Pivotal

I couldn't be happier with the collaboration with Jetbrains. It has meant that the latest version of IntelliJ IDEA supports the newest Spring features, including very fine-grained auto-completion assistance in the editor. During the collaboration, I’ve been amazed with how quickly JetBrains can add new features. Expect more awesomeness in future versions of IntelliJ IDEA.

Stéphane Nicoll, Spring Framework committer, Pivotal

With so many hours spent in our IDEs, I think that feeling empowered by our tools is decisive. I like how the JetBrains team has my productivity and happiness in mind - at least that's how I feel when I'm writing code for the Spring Framework and our reference application Sagan. Keeping up with Spring's portfolio, release schedule and new features is quite an achievement already - doing this with a great user experience is no small feat.

Brian Clozel, Spring Framework committer, Pivotal


If you're one of these people who put free cost above time and money gained a small investment, you should give IDEA a try... It didn't win the Java Developer Journal Reader's Choice award for best Java IDE for nothing.

Mathias Meyer, freelance software developer, consultant and coach PAPERPLANES

I want something that just works and the best results I've had is IDEA... as a day to day development environment IDEA for me is focused on getting things done.
When I use IDEA coding tends to be like morse code, first few chars, ctrl+space. It's smart enough not to throw the whole world at me and knows what i'm referring to. With touch typing it lets me output code almost as fast as I think and it means I get the feeling my IDE works with me and doesn't get in the way.

Daniel Harrison

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Most of our engineers do not get any errors at all during compiling because IntelliJ IDEA catches them all during editing. The time we save is remarkable.

Ken Watts, VP Platform Engineering, Documentum

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When I started writing about refactoring I looked forward to the days when Java programmers could have the same tools that Smalltalkers used to refactor their programs. IntelliJ IDEA gives Java programmers that power, not just through refactorings, but also through innovative code assistance capabilities. These days every Java programmer should use a refactoring tool every day.

Martin Fowler, Chief Scientist, Thoughtworks Inc.

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I have tried numerous Java development environments and found all of them lacking in some way or another. IntelliJ IDEA is different. It's clear to me that it's authors eat their own dog food. It shows through in the design of every feature of the product, many of which are unique to IntelliJ IDEA.

Glen Stampoultzis, Director, TriNexus

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The key reason for us to develop J2EE with IntelliJ IDEA was it's ability to support the programmer in every conceivable way. Outstanding features like import statement management, syntactic error checking, refactoring and intelligent code completion increased our productivity considerably.

Stephan Schmidt, CTO, neotis wissensmanagement GmbH

I've been using IntelliJ IDEA and I am so freaking blown away I can hardly articulate it. This is the best IDE I've ever used. For any language.

Kirk Woll, Lead Software Architect, Digimax Development Inc.

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Second, JetBrains have released IntelliJ IDEA 7.0. What was simply the best Java IDE on the planet is now also simply the best Groovy/Grails IDE on the planet. Congrats to the JetBrains guys and check it out.

Graeme Rocher, Grails creator

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It was really catching on fast, so we purchased a license for everyone who wanted it. That turned out to be pretty much the entire organization.

Bruce Kratz, Director of Engineering East, HP Web Services Management Operation

Cutting code with IntelliJ IDEA is more fun and easier than even cutting butter with a knife! You are the sword that makes me a Samurai!"

"IntelliJ IDEA is like religion to me - it is my strength, it is my faith and it is my guide.

Arun Batchu, consultant with netrii LLC

...IDEA is simply a killer...I paid for the license myself but I felt it was my duty since I want to be as productive as possible.

Manuel Palacio, System designer at UC AB

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...if you've never used IntelliJ, maybe it's worth the effort. Yeah, it costs money, but frankly if you're in the business of making money with your code, it's trivial, especially when you start looking at the features that come "free" with it, and start looking at the extra cost of plugins for some of the competitors.

Why do I like it? Probably familiarity, definitely because it allows me to effortlessly get what's in my head onto the screen in a seamless manner. I also credit this IDE for making me a better code-writer and giving me the confidence in my abilities to make the next steps in my career ... and make my code professional.
Also if quality, ease of use and completeness of the product are key considerations, you get what you pay for with IntelliJ and their plugins.

Danilo Gurovich, EarthLink, inc. Co-author of Struts Recipes

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At last, an IDE that understands how I program.

Robert C. Martin, CEO, Object Mentor Inc.

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Finally an IDE that lets you develop as fast as you can think, not as fast as you can type. The way that IntelliJ IDEA lets the IDE take over the routine tasks, doesn't only make development faster and less painful, it can help a lot in making your code contain less errors.

Karl Avedal, Co-Founder, IronFlare/Orion Application Server

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IntelliJ's IDEA will save you time and money. For developers, IntelliJ IDEA promotes the rapid creation of clean, reusable, and well documented code. For managers and architects, IntelliJ IDEA makes it possible to quickly navigate, review, and refactor code projects large and small. I have been programming full time in Java since early 1996 and I had given up hope that there would be a truly world class IDE for the language. IntelliJ IDEA is world class and I would recommend it to any development team without reservation.

Mike Sick, VP Development, Usermagnet Inc.


Anyone who's not using AppCode is wasting precious time every day. I save hours every week, and feel impeded whenever I'm editing Objective-C outside of AppCode.

Chris Eidhof, iOS/macOS Software developer, author of objc.io and Functional Programming in Swift book, founder of UIKonf conference

AppCode is a constant for me. There are a lot of things that it does much better than Xcode that save me a lot of time programming. It’s Awesome.

Orta Therox, Design Dictator at CocoaPods, Head of Mobile at Artsy

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AppCode is fantastic! Not only is it more stable than Xcode, but it provides the familiar power and efficiency that I've grown accustomed to with JetBrains products.

Micah Martin, 8th Light Inc.


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A product that was impressive during the EAP versions. I'm looking forward to seeing where JetBrains will take it from here. Considering the quality of their other products the sky is the limit.

Tommy Andersen, System Consultant at Schilling A/S

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CLion is fantastic, finally the C++ high quality cross-platform IDE with CMake as first class build system we were waiting for.

Prof. Dr. Rodriguez-Losada, CTO at biicode — C/C++ dependency manager

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Really liking @clion_ide for a new C++ project: lightweight, responsive, useful, good integrations. And most important, great vi emulation.

Jonathan Dursi, Computational Scientist atOntario Institute for Cancer Research


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Since we started using TeamCity, creating and managing builds became significantly easier. We already have templates and meta-runners for creating new projects, and we are no longer divided by using separate software to achieve the same results. Additionally, we’ve eliminated the problem of having some CI machines idle while others are maxed out.
Overall, we think that TeamCity is a powerhouse that has strong features for JAVA and .NET projects. It also allows simple creation of additional runners and templates for any language and platform you might choose.

Arunas Paskevicius, Web Developer at Devbridge Group

Ich finde dieses Tool einfach nur genial — vor allem wenn man sich über die Konfiguration von CruiseControl.Net geärgert hat.

Daniel Siegl, Head of Development at LieberLieber

TeamCity is different. And different is better. Build failure spam? No more. Waiting for a success message before going home? Nope. Lengthy clean and full rebuilds before checking in? Thing of the past. Can't compile because you synced just after someone else checked in garbage? Never again...
What do you do when you check in? Sync, clean, build, test, and then submit, right? How long does that take? 15 minutes, 30 minutes? Why don't we just let the CI server do that for us. ...
TeamCity is simply doing CI the way it should have been done in the first place.

Hamlet D'Arcy, Engineering Lead, Pearson

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TeamCity is just packed full of nerdgasm features that just work out of the box. No need to scour the web for plugins, deal with XML, or anything like that. Things just work. For example, you get full status of the build while it is happening--you can see what MSBuild step the build is on, you can see the important messages in the Build Log (it filters them quite intelligently), you can even see what threads/processes are running. If you use their NUnit runner you can even see how many tests have passed/failed/been ignored. All in all, we're very happy with TeamCity. It's just as free as CC.NET for a team of our size, it's much much easier to set up, and it has way more features... JetBrains has a winner here.

Aaron Jensen Director of Engineering Eleutian Technology, Eleutian Technology, LLC

TeamCity ROCKS because its not tied to a specific VCS, and there are plugins for just about any VCS.

TeamCity also ROCKS because it is helping expose flaws in the structure of our projects that is making things more difficult than it needs to be.

Will Green, Software Developer

So the reason I made the switch is because of the time it take to set it up: 20 minutes. Everything was fully functional in under 20 minutes. I absolutely got no error at all. I just got through all the steps of the wizard and then: done. Unit testing, code coverage, build, reports, etc... And it's absolutely free for small team.

Sebastien Lachance, Software Developer at BXSYSTEMS

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I couldn't believe how easy it was. I installed the server and got my first project up-and-running in about 15 minutes... TeamCity is what TFS and CC.NET should be like when they grow up.
After becoming a real Resharper addict (can't use Visual Studio without it), I'm now becoming a slave to TeamCity as well. I've converted all my home projects, and life has never been better.

The coolness of TeamCity just keeps amazing me.

Jan Van Ryswyck, Senior Analyst/Programmer, SD WORX

Teamcity is totally awesome, after i got the grails project working the rest was peanuts and i got all the bells and whistels i was looking for.

In fact my evaluation period ended prematurely because TC gives me all i wanted from our new Java/.NET BuildServer.

Andreas Fink, Head of Development, Mark 5 GmbH

All of the cool options and features aside, the real power comes from the amount of reporting you can get out of this tool automatically with minimal effort... I haven't even begun to dig into all the features in TeamCity... Definitely check it out if you are tired of poking around in xml configuration files for hours on end.

Sean Chambers, Senior Programmer/Analyst at Flagler County School District in Bunnell, Florida


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evolver group development team has significantly improved its productivity using PhpStorm IDE, thanks to superior performance compared to all the other IDEs we’ve tried. We’ve also reduced the risk of errors and bugs by relying on PhpStorm’s integrated deep code analysis.

Daniel Schröder, Development lead at evolver group

I've tried just about all the PHP IDEs available in the world today. This is the best IDE I could find. I am extremely impressed by the weekly releases of beta software. I'll continue to look into JetBrains software as long as I am a developer.

Bryan Green, Software Developer at FlexSystems Ltd.

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PhpStorm is the most effective solutions that I have ever used. My team is able to use the product for a wide range of tasks and goals. For instance, our backend developers work with the PHP framework, while the Frontend team works with the template engine and SCSS. At the same time, the QA engineer are able to conduct automated testing. Therefore, PhpStorm covers all aspects and needs of the web development team enabling us to be much more effective and productive.

Nikolay Vigilyansky, Head of Web Team, Comindware


WebStorm is an incredible, seriously awesome product. I **love** the speed of it compared to VS running on the same client-side codebase and the debugger-integration for Chrome.

Ingo Rammer,CEO and co-founder, thinktecture


As a seasoned user of RubyMine (started in 2009) I’m sure that investment in JetBrains tools is worth my time. Extremely efficient navigation through the codebase, mindset of building toolset around keyboard shortcuts and powerful searching features. It feels like IDE understands my code providing a great assist and confidence with any kind of refactoring. RubyMine is definitely heavy duty, all around Rails ecosystem toolset — whenever you are doing backend or frontend part of Ruby on Rails apps, you have support for almost anything you need.

MIchał Czyż, CTO at Selleo Web & Mobile

Since 2005 Selleo Web & Mobile have been crafting clients' ideas into unique web and mobile experiences with Ruby on Rails, Angular, Ember for web development and native/Xamarin technologies for iOS, Android and Windows Phone apps.

Having a lot of previous experience with Visual Studio/C#, I was a little wary when starting with Ruby. I was unfamiliar with the syntax and the tool chain. With RubyMine I was able to jump right into writing productive Ruby code. The tool helped setup all the tedious build requirements for projects. As I used the tool, the suggestions it offered help me learn more of the Ruby language, including the preferred idiomatic style. I feel I have learned a lot more about Ruby simply by using RubyMine

Simon Hodkinson, Senior Analyst Programmer at Sunsuper

I think it is one of the best IDEs I have ever used. I like it a lot already, but the more I explore, the more I like it! It’s so easy to use. I have spent no time to tweak it, or learn how to do things. It just works. I like it lots.

Nigel Cushing, Technical Test Specialist at Sunsuper

Sunsuper is one of Australia’s largest and most awarded super funds. It has been taking care of employers’ superannuation needs since 1987 and now look after the super of more than 80,000 employers and one million members.

Using RubyMine allows me to develop using a common tool making it easier to pair and help each other out without having to lose productivity due to the context switching from one development environment (platform) to another.

Jeremy Anderson, Agile Software Developer at Code Adept

Code Adept is a West Michigan based software consultancy focused on delivering high quality software through providing software development, agile coaching and training services.

RubyMine's GUI for easily stepping through code in the debugger is great. The inline code analysis is nice for quickly catching typos and the code completion can be useful too. But for me, the best part about having RubyMine is the navigation and documentation. Being able to instantly bring up documentation is awesome! If I need more information, I hate wasting time trying to hunt down a method buried in code that I am not familiar with. With one key-stroke RubyMine takes me to the code I'm looking for.

Nate Zobrist, CTO & CIO at Connor Group

Connor Group is an elite accounting firm of Big 4 alumni and industry executives with over 200 clients on 5 continents covering North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and South America.

I have been using RubyMine for a long time and can say it is an absolute dream to work in! I use it daily, integrated with various version control systems, and automating remote file syncs. The automatic running of tests while I'm refactoring and coding is a key feature for me. JetBrains is regularly adding new features, and it's super easy to pick up.

Steve Smythe, SCM Architect at Digital Insight

Digital Insight, an NCR company, helps banks and credit unions grow by offering innovative online and mobile banking solutions that make it easier for consumers and businesses to manage their money.


YouTrack has been a fundamental building block in handling the enormous feedback we get as the most popular MS-based CMS (both feature requests and bugs). In addition, the Agile board is phenomenal when it comes to an overview of whether we're on track with a release."

Niels Hartvig, Founder Umbraco — the Friendly CMS

We use both IntelliJ IDEA and YouTrack as our main development productivity tools. Both are exceptional. Recently we started using YouTrack 2.1 and are amazed at the attention to detail and the functionality. The design is excellent - for us it is very feature-complete, yet with a user interface that is clear, easy to understand and use."

Simon Botting, Founder and Senior Programmer at www.enbuenosaires.com

Many of the bug tracking applications we have used focused on adding unnecessary features that I don't want, and never fix or refine their existing features. YouTrack understands workflows and makes a superb web application. No unnecessary page refreshes, a phenomenal search, killer shortcuts, everything I want in a great web app. Good work, guys!

Dave Mozealous, Articulate www.mozealous.com

Everyone at MindTouch loves YouTrack! We switched to YouTrack last fall and have been really happy. Being this productive was simply not possible before. Soon after, our website team and sales and marketing also adopted YouTrack. It's been the most successful technology roll-out in the company since Salesforce! Keep up the great work (especially on the API side)!"

Steve Bjorg, Founder and Chief Technology Officer, MindTouch


The things that ReSharper showed me and taught me is simply amazing. It's like having your own personal pair programmer sitting right next to you all the time.
It tells you if your code is good, if you actually use the code you create and it even helps you reformat/refactor your code to make it more robust.
An example that blew me out of the field was with an iteration I was working on which went over a List. ReSharper offered a suggestion to use LINQ and went right ahead rewriting the whole iteration into a LINQ statement. This is great for teaching you new stuff!"

Gerard de Brieder, Founder at Govannon

It speeds up coding to such an extent that it feels awkward and slow when it's not available.
Its implementation is subtle, but masterful. Among other things, it improves the auto-complete features, adds real time error spotting and automatically adds the correct references."

Ben Franklin, Senior Developer at Quba

ReSharper: How did I live without it?
ReSharper from JetBrains is the best thing that ever happened to Visual Studio. I've barely tapped into the functionality, and it's already an indispensable tool. I don't know how I ever coded without it. Its productivity enhancements are simply awesome.
I can't wait to learn more features. Totally worth the money!

Tom A. Puleo, Independent Contractor at ESC Development

Can't beat R#, especially in a Team Dev environment, you can enforce code normalization without killing your entire team!

David Ridgway, Software Developer

All I can say is I love it. If you don't use ReSharper, drop what you are doing and go out and buy it!

Peter Kellner, Consultant at 73rd Street Associates

We are getting licenses! Hurray. Looks like my offer to cut five fingers off of my right hand to demonstrate how unproductive I am without resharper was the ticket.

Larry Foulkrod, Lead Software Developer

As far as I'm concerned Visual Studio without ReSharper is like driving a Mustang with a lawn mower engine. You can do it but who would want to.

Ray Megal, Senior Programmer Analyst (M&I Investment Management Corp.), Software consultant and trainer

If you use Rhino.Mocks, then every class that you mock must implement an interface. With the help of ReSharper, interfaces can be created from an existing class and propagated to the rest of your codebase with just a few keystrokes. This alone makes the price of ReSharper worth it if you are going to start using mocking in a Legacy system that was designed without using interfaces.

Russell Ball, StoreFinancial

R# is a tool that I use and absolutely love. I recommend this for anyone who uses Visual Studio and programs in C# or VB.NET. Those that use R#, we see the benefits that it brings and the absolute productivity boost that you get using it.

Rob Reynolds, RealDimensions.net

To me my value to a customer is providing the maximum productivity that I can and to me that productivity comes from using this tool.
The way I code works perfectly within the way R# aids me in being productive. It grants me a fluid motion to refactoring and code efficiency and helps me get into a groove when I code. A groove that is both productive and efficient and fun.

Bil Simpser, Independent Solutions Architect Consultant., MVP

I'm such a wannabe ReSharper padawan. My motivation is good though: I want to be more productive. On a recent project, I was writing some code in front of a client employee, a novice developer himself, and he exclaimed "The code is just writing itself.

Christopher Bennage, Software developer and consultant, Blue Spire Consulting, Inc

For the last week (at my new gig) I've been using ReSharper 3.0, and I must say I'm pretty darned impressed. I hadn't looked at ReSharper since the very early versions, and had sort of written it off in favor of CodeRush/Refactor, but ReSharper 3 has some pretty compelling features...

Patrick Caudwell, SoftSource Consulting Soft Source

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Without starting a flame war about which language is better, I just want to let all the VB.NET developers out there that read this to understand that this tool is THE bomb.
I can't imagine coding C#/TDD without it... If you haven't checked it out, it is worth it. It is the only tool in my arsenal that I was willing to use my own money. It will pay you back 100 fold.

Jason Meridth, Lead Software Developer at Wachovia

This is the tool any serious .NET developer must have. I should perhaps qualify it with saying Visual Studio.NET developer.
It is awesome. The unit test runner is worth the price of the tool alone... The refactoring support is awesome. The editor enhancements are first rate.

Geoff Bennett, Axcess Consulting

Once you learn to use it, you'll never want to code without it. I remember the first week I used it I was angry at myself for waiting so long to get my hands on it."

Jeremy Knight, Island Technology Services

If you are programming in C# or VB.NET and if you have never tried ReSharper before, you should try it. When I first saw ReSharper in use, within a few minutes I knew that it was worthwhile buying my own copy. Since then I have used it at client site after client site and found it to be a very useful tool.

Clive Chinery, Consultant

ReSharper is an awesome tool. If you're using it you probably agree and if you aren't you should be. The productivity gains are incredible. The moment you see another developer step effortlessly through the code you'll agree.

Jaco Pretorius, ThoughtWorks

R# actually, with its remarks, made me a better programmer. It made my sometimes dumb code into nice, elegant and clever one, and taught me how to develop better!

Kornelije Sajler, Programmer, developer in Rijeka, Croatia

My trial version of the product ran out two days ago and my initial thoughts where that I could survive with out it! Boy was I wrong!

After about an hour of using Visual Studio without ReSharper I realized how reliant on it I was! Not to mention that my productivity went down ten fold without it.

So, without hesitation, I jumped on the JetBrains site and purchased a copy of this fantastic software!

Michael De Wildt, Web Developer

I love Resharper! Its tightly integrated unit testing makes it a joy to do test-driven development, its automated refactorings are nothing short of superb and its code suggestions routinely help me write better C#/VB.NET code.

Joshua Kerievsky Founder, Industrial Logic, Inc. Author, Refactoring to Patterns

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I have been using ReSharper since version 2.x came out, and I must say that it is very hard to develop without this tool. I don't normally depend on a tool to drive my code, but this one is an exception, since it boosts productivity, quality and speed during development."

Brian Di Croce, Pretty Objects Computers, Inc. (www.prettyobjects.com), Software consultant and trainer

Seriously, how can you develop without it? I guesstimate I lose 2-3 *hours* a day without it just typing redundant code or manually refactoring code. The auto rename of files to match the containing class alone saves massive amounts of time. Not to mention it just makes my code 100% better than if I had coded it by hand.

Casey Charlton, Independent Consultant

I have only really been consistently using ReSharper for the last month and am still far from my goal of becoming a ReSharper Jedi. Nevertheless, the dozen or so keystrokes that I have mastered and consistently use are making a noticeable difference in removing some of the coding noise that usually distracts me and slows me down while coding.
The more keyboard shortcuts I have at my disposal, the faster I code and the better chance I have to get and stay in the zone where I am focused just on solving the problem at hand rather than getting distracted by syntax and unnecessary keystrokes.

Russell Ball, StoreFinancial

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The ultimate Agile tool is ReSharper. It is the one thing for .NET developers that removes fear of change. Refactoring is just so darn easy that change isn't scary.

David Starr, Chief Software Architect, Healthwise, Inc

ReSharper adds to Visual Studio the crucial ability to interactively analyze your code as you edit, giving you deep semantic feedback... ReSharper's interactive analysis... detects things like dead code, possible null references, instance methods that could be made static, unreferenced fields, un-updated writeable fields, etc. ...VS plus ReSharper is certainly a first class IDE.

Jonathan Edwards, MIT

What can I say? I love JetBrains ReSharper. If you haven't seen it before, it's an add-in for Visual Studio geared toward refactoring and TDD. Doing TDD without ReSharper installed is like coding Windows Forms in Notepad... ReSharper turns you into an artist sculpting code to be aesthetically beautiful. JetBrains' tagline is "Develop with pleasure!" and ReSharper definitely lives up to that. If you haven't checked it out, I would definitely recommend downloading it and checking it out.

James Kovacs, B.Sc., M.Sc., MCSD, MCT
Microsoft MVP - Solutions Architect


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A great little tool for finding out what parts of your code take the most time/resources.

Peter Hultgren, It Consultant at Sogeti