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Currently there are 103 companies reselling our products in more than 40 countries.

Become Our Reseller

Leverage your existing customer base and attract new customers by extending your product offerings with JetBrains' tools.

Program opportunities and benefits

  • Extend your offerings with JetBrains' quality tools for Java and .NET development
  • Increase your company's awareness via listing on the JetBrains website*
  • Free evaluation software
  • Marketing support
  • Funding for approved market-development activities
  • Dedicated pre-sales and technical support
  • Commission based on sales volume
  • Additional sales discounts to increase ROI of approved sales/marketing activities
  • Exclusive JetBrains representation in a specific territory, based on results

* — Requires meeting annual sales quota

Partner prequalification

  • Minimum of three years of business in a target territory
  • Proven experience in distribution of development tools
  • Basic understanding of JetBrains' products
  • Availability of marketing tools and advertisement facilities
  • Acceptance of general reseller agreement terms
  • Dedicated account manager who will have full understanding of JetBrains tools, licensing policy and the reseller portal
  • General understanding of JetBrains target audience