Managing database objects


Database view window contains all your datasources and their schemas with tables, functions, views, etc. divided into folders which can be collapsed and expanded.

Create/modify table window

The IDE provides a unified UI for adding or editing tables and table components: columns, indices and constraints. This window has all the controls you need to define all of these components. Note that if Execute in database is enabled, all your changes will be immediately applied in the database.
Press Ctrl+F6 on the table name to modify it. The Create/Modify Table window also has an instant preview to help you not only work with database objects but also generate code effectively. To learn more about creating and modifying objects, please see code generation.

Creating objects

With DataGrip you can easily create and modify database objects using either hotkeys or the context menu.

Edit procedure

Invoke the Edit action for any database object by pressing F4 and get a DDL statement for procedures and functions.

Edit table

Press F4 on a table or view to get the table editor, with a DDL statement also available: the tab is in the bottom.