With DataGrip it’s easy to find your way around your SQL files and schema definitions.

Quick navigation

You can navigate to the declaration of any resolved symbol, whether it is located in your SQL code or in the database.

Navigating to table

Navigate to a database object (like table, procedure and so on) by pressing Ctrl+N. If it is a table, a table editor will open.

Navigating over the table structure

Navigating over the table structure lets you explore the table columns and hide/show them.

Symbol lookup

Navigating to symbol with Ctrl+Shift+Alt+N provides the possibility to get to any database object in the database view, such as a table, procedure, constraint, etc.

Navigating to procedure

When navigating to a procedure or function, you’ll jump to the alter DDL statement.

Search Everywhere

If you’re not sure where to look for whatever it is you need, try pressing Shift twice to Search Everywhere.