From SQL

There are several actions to navigate from SQL:

Edit source (F4) will bring you to the data, or DDL in case of routine.
Go to declaration (Ctrl+B) will bring you to DDL. If you want this action to bring you to the database tree, turn off Settings → Database → General → Navigate references to DDL editor
Select in database view (no shortcut, assign your own one or use Find Action).

Quick search in database tree view

Any tree (list, pop-up, drop-down) in IntelliJ-based IDEs supports the speed search. Simply start typing! Note though that a matching database object will only be highlighted if its node is already open.

Another nifty thing about speed search is that it supports abbreviations. For instance, `sbs` is enough to find `sales_by_store`.

To table

Navigate to a database object (like table, procedure and so on) by pressing Ctrl+N. If it is a table, a data editor will open. To see the DDL of the table, then pres the DDL button

To procedure

When navigating to a procedure or function, you’ll jump straight to the DDL statement.

To file

Press Shift+Ctrl+N to search for a file. A file itself will be opened. If you you want to see in it Files tool window, turn on Auto-scroll from source (Gear icon in Files).

To symbol

Navigating to symbol with Shift+Ctrl+Alt+N provides the possibility to get to any database object in the database view, including, columns, constraints, indexes etc.

Search for a column in the data-set

A small tip for when you are searching for the columns in any result-set or table. Open Structure view by Ctrl+F12 and start typing! Speed search saves you again and filter the columns. Press Enter to navigate to a particular column.

Search everywhere

If you’re not sure where to look for whatever it is you need, try pressing Shift twice to Search Everywhere.