Table editor

The table editor in DataGrip lets you modify and explore data in as little time as possible.

Modify data

Modify data in your table without leaving this window. It works in any query result received from one table. Completion for values in table is available via Ctrl+Space. It looks through all the values in the column and offers you a list of possible matches. Submit changes using Ctrl+Enter.

Transposed view

If the table contains too many columns to place on the screen, use Transposed row view to see the data of a particular row in a friendly way.

Go to referencing data

Going in the opposite direction, you can find usages by foreign keys in other tables. You will be navigated to the data referencing your row and column. If the cursor in on a column that is not referenced, choose what data you want to navigate to.

Column search

Open column list by Ctrl+F12 and then just begin typing the name of the column you are looking for.

Resize columns

Use Ctrl+Shift+Left/Right for this. You can resize several columns at the same time. Ctrl+Shift+Up stands for the default size. Notice, that selection of the whole row was invoked by Shift+Space, like in Excel.

Maximize cell

If you have, for instance, a huge text inside the field, you can maximize cell view by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Shift+M. Choose Active Editor: Use Soft Wraps from the Find Action menu (Ctrl+Shift+A) if you'd like to have word wraps viewing the text.

Filter data

Use the filter text field to see only the data you need, without writing any WHEREclauses. Just put the condition in this field in the appropriate SQL dialect.

There are several options in the context menu for filtering data by the value of a particular field.

Go to related data

If a column contains a foreign key, you can navigate to the related data for a particular value or view it in a pop-up. In many situations this saves you from writing a query.

Text search

Find data inside a table quickly without writing a statement thanks to text search, available in the Table Editor via Ctrl+F. It’s especially helpful if you don’t know which exact column contains the data you’re looking for. You can easily hide irrelevant rows, and regular expressions are available as well.

Move columns

Just drag'n'drop them.

Spell checking

In every editor, whether it is a table editor or query console, DataGrip checks spelling of words — for green wavy underlines view the dictionary suggestions using Alt+EnterTypo: change to...