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New Intelligent IDE for DBAs and SQL Developers

Smart SQL Editor and Advanced Database Client Packed Together for Optimum Productivity


Meet 0xDBE, a new IDE from JetBrains tailored to suit the specific needs of professional DBAs and developers. It delivers an intelligent SQL editor and handful of database tools neatly packed together and running atop the state of the art IntelliJ platform.

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Top Features

Coding Assistance

0xDBE is focused on helping you deal with the most complex SQL code: schema-aware completion, on-the-fly code analysis and quick-fixes, search, navigation, and refactorings are available directly from the editor for even higher productivity gains.

Version Control

0xDBE provides unified support for all major version control systems (Git, SVN, Mercurial, and many others), so you can easily work on different projects from different version controls, and never worry about anything when switching between them.

Managing Schema

Introducing changes to database schemas with 0xDBE is super easy because it gives you the tools to change everything: tables, columns, indicies, keys, stored procedures, and more.

IntelliJ Platform

In addition to SQL specific coding assistance the IDE also inherits other powerful features from the IntelliJ Platform, including multiple carets, structural selection, etc.

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OxDBE 1.0 is coming soon

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