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The Find Results window is used to display results of searching for usages. It displays results of the latest search as well as results of previous searches in different tabs. The results of each Find usages command are displayed in a separate tab.


Toolbar controls

toolbar__expand_all toolbar__collapse_allExpand All/Collapse All Expands/collapses all nodes in the current tab.
toolbar__previous toolbar__nextPrevious/Next Navigate to the previous/next item and scrolls through the source code accordingly.
toolbar_show_preview Show Preview Hides or shows the preview pane in the position specified using the drop-down list (in the bottom or in the right part of the window).
toolbar__exportExport Click this button to export the data currently displayed in the window in text format, or use the drop-down selector to export the data in XML or HTML format. The Export Data dialog box that appears, will help you to save the data to a file or copy it to the clipboard.
toolbar__merge_occurrencesMerge Occurrences on the Same Line If this button is selected, occurrences that belong to the same line are merged.
toolbar__all_usagesShow All UsagesWhen this button is selected, all usages are displayed.
toolbar__read_usagesShow Only Read Usages When this button is selected, only references to read usages are displayed. Available for the usages of fields or local variables.
toolbar__write_usagesShow Only Write Usages When this button is selected, only references to write usages are displayed. Available for usages of fields or local variables.
toolbar__filter_usagesFilter Usages With this drop-down list, you can select a specific type of usages to display. Several options are provided:
  • Show Read Usages (getters for properties, read methods for fields).
  • Show Write Usages (setters for properties, write methods for fields).
  • Show Invocation Usages
  • Show Attribute Usages
  • Show Other Usages (anything that does not fit into the above categories).
  • Show Related Usages
  • Show Unused References
Group by Allows grouping items in the window. Possible options help display items as a tree grouped by the selected categories.
tab_closeClose Closes the current tab.

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