What′s New in dotPeek

This page outlines new features made available in dotPeek 10, which introduces an IL viewer, adds a choice of color themes and makes usage search asynchronous.

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IL code viewer

In one of the most anticipated developments, you can now navigate to IL code from any point in decompiled C# code.

Choose to view IL code from the context menu

IL code is shown in a separate tool window that is synchronized with the main code viewer:

Also, you can opt to show IL code as comments to decompiled C# code, which effectively merges its default text viewer and the normally separate IL Viewer window, all in one view.

IL code shown as comments to C# code

dotPeek can display IL code both for decompiled code and for source code reproduced from symbol files.

Color schemes

In another considerable change, dotPeek now supports the same set of color themes as Visual Studio does: for example, you can select Blue or Dark theme, or choose to synchronize your color scheme preference with Visual Studio settings.

Dark color theme in dotPeek

Asynchronous usage search

dotPeek has introduced the same non-modal, async Find Usages mechanic that has been available in recent versions of ReSharper. The new usage search architecture lets you keep on working with the decompiler while it executes a lengthy usage search in the background.

Async Find Usages in dotPeek
Free, no license key required