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August 19, 2015
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Known issues

dotCover is available as a web installer. Therefore you must have a live Internet connection in order to proceed with dotCover installation.

dotCover 3.2 officially supports Visual Studio 2015, 2013, 2012 and 2010.

Please note: dotCover 3.2 is not compatible with ReSharper 8.x, dotTrace 5.x, dotMemory 4.1 or previous versions integrated in Visual Studio. Installing dotCover 3.2 will remove these old versions of JetBrains .NET tools from Visual Studio.

Related Downloads

  • dotCover is also available as a single installer. On the first installation page you will be prompted to choose products to install (dotCover or any of the JetBrains .NET tools) and versions of Visual Studio you prefer integrating them to. Choose products and appropriate versions and proceed with installation.

  • dotCover command line tools — Standalone command line tools that enable analysing code coverage outside of Visual Studio. The tools can be integrated with a CI server or version control system. Check online help for more details.

Unit Testing Plug-ins

If you're using xUnit or MSpec framework for your unit tests with dotCover 2.6 and above, make sure to enable the corresponding unit testing plug-in in the product's Extension Manager (dotCover | Extension Manager).