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Unit Test Sessions
Sharing Unit Test Suppport with ReSharper
Execution and Coverage Analysis of Unit Tests
Unit Testing
What is Coverage Snapshot?
Viewing Total Coverage of Particular Unit Test Item
Configuring Unit Test Support
Working with Unit Tests
Adjusting Coverage Filters
Working with Coverage Results
Visualizing Code Coverage
dotCover Controller
Unit Test Explorer
Locating Code Items in Coverage Tree
Setting up Coverage Filters
Coverage Results Browser
Basic Concepts
Coverage of Selected Unit Tests
Introducing dotCover Console Runner
Coverage Analysis of Manual Test Sessions
Matching Coverage Snapshot with Project Structure
Coverage Filters
Running Coverage Analysis of Unit Tests
Add/Edit Coverage Filter
Saving and Loading Coverage Snapshot
Excluding Nodes from Coverage Snapshot
Coverage Analysis on Server Side
Recording Coverage of Manual Test Session
Coverage of Unit Test Session
Integration with Other Tools
Exporting Coverage Results
Coverage Configuration
Coverage of Unit Tests in Solution Part
Coverage of Unit Tests in the Whole Solution
Searching Coverage Tree
Sharing Coverage Filters
Supported Languages and Frameworks
Standalone Application
Console Runner Commands
Setting up Coverage Analysis on a Third-Party CI Server
Navigating to Source Code
Setting up Coverage Analysis on JetBrains TeamCity
Navigation to Covering Tests
Recognizing Unit Tests
Configuring %product%
Silverlight Application
Settings Layers
%product% Dialog Boxes
Configuring %product% Options
Starting Manual Test Session for Startup Project
%product% Options
Starting Manual Test Session for External Applications
Web Application on IIS or IIS Express Server
Windows Service
Resolving Keyboard Shortcut Conflicts
Specifying License Information
Web Application on Visual Studio Development Server
WCF Service Library
.NET Process
Managing and Sharing Options
License Information
Web Proxy Settings
Console Runner Configuration
Visual Studio Integration
Configuring Keyboard Shortcuts
Windows Store Application
Cover Application
UI Reference

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