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In this page of dotCover options, you can adjust unit testing settings.

Item Description
Enable Unit Testing Enables or disables unit test runner and all unit testing features.


dotCover shares the unit test support with another JetBrains .NET developer tool, ReSharper. These two tools have the same unit test runner engines as well as Unit Test Explorer and Unit Test Sessions windows. If you install dotCover after ReSharper, dotCover disables its own unit test runner so that you can continue using ReSharper's unit test commands and windows; all additional dotCover commands are integrated in ReSharper menus. For more information, see Sharing Unit Test Support with ReSharper.

Shadow-copy assemblies being tested If this check box is selected, assemblies being tested are subject to shadow-copying. So even while tests are running, assemblies can be rebuilt.
Use separate AppDomain for each assembly with tests This option applies to MSTest and NUnit tests and lets test runner start each test assembly in its own Application Domain. It may come in handy in the following situations:
  • You need to use dirrerent app.config files for different test assemblies.
  • You use reflection in tests.
Run up to [number of assemblies] assemblies in parallel Select the number of assemblies to be tested by dotCover concurrently in parallel threads.
Run tests from:

Click Project output folder to run compiled tests from the default location. When assemblies are placed in the default project location, test files are retrieved from the same location.

Click Specified folder to run tests using a post-build step, so the tests are run from the particular folder. Enter the desired path in the text box, or click Browse to open the Browse For Folder dialog box and specify the desired location.

Don't run tests from categories Type names of test categories to be excluded from the run. The tests associated with the category that you specified are ignored.
Save and restore Unit Test Sessions Select this check box to allow dotCover to restore unit test sessions opened in the Unit Test Sessions window when you close and reopen Visual Studio.
Wrap long lines in Unit Test Session output Defines how to display long lines in the Output tab in the Unit Test Sessions window. If this check box is selected, long lines are wrapped.


dotCover's settings are saved in settings layers that enable you to have different settings for different solutions as well as to share your settings with your team. To learn more, study the Managing and Sharing Options section.