What's New in dotCover 2

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Compatible ReSharper versions: up to 8.2.3

This page lists major improvements introduced in dotCover 2 compared to prior versions of the product. Highlights include dotCover's very own unit test runner; support for Visual Studio 2012 and 2013; integration with ReSharper 7 and 8; as well as Hot Spots view and Extension Manager.

Hot Spots view

The Hot Spots view was designed to help you identify the most risky methods in your solution. Hot Spots are calculated in terms of high cyclomatic complexity and low unit test coverage of the methods.

Integrated unit test runner

dotCover has traditionally relied on ReSharper's unit test runner to analyze coverage of unit tests based on MSTest, NUnit, xUnit, or MSpec.

dotCover 2 breaks this dependency: from now on, even if you don't have ReSharper installed, you can still use dotCover to manage, run and analyze coverage of unit tests. In case you have both products installed, you can choose which unit test runner you want to use.

Attribute filters

In addition to applying traditional coverage filters based on method, type or assembly, dotCover 2 allows filtering out code marked with specific attributes. More than that, a single dialog is now used for managing coverage and attribute filters.

Filters are useful when you need to focus on production code, or exclude code that you're not interested in testing right now. As soon as you've done this, dotCover will recalculate percentages of covered and uncovered code.

Support for Visual Studio 2012 and 2013

dotCover 2 has been updated to keep up to date with new Microsoft Visual Studio releases. This includes running unit tests and analyzing coverage results in Visual Studio 2012 and 2013, as well as support for different color themes, new icons and menus.

Previous versions of Visual Studio, including 2005, 2008, and 2010 are also supported.

dotCover 1.2

December, 2011

  • Integration with ReSharper 6.1
  • Per-snapshot settings
  • Support for dynamic NUnit tests
dotCover 1.1

September, 2011

  • Improved presentation of class members
  • Filtering coverage tree on-the-fly
  • HTML and JSON reports
  • Integration with NDepend
  • Getting coverage analysis data from TeamCity
  • Predefined color schemes
  • Incremental update of coverage info when tests are partially rerun
  • Per-solution coverage settings
  • On-demand license checking