Advanced Node.js Support

Node.js is a platform for building server-side applications and tools with JavaScript. JetBrains IDEs bring you an impressive set of features that make your development experience with Node.js more productive and enjoyable.

Our intelligent environments offer you coding assistance, debugging and unit testing. Advanced features include a Node.js tracing tool and V8 CPU and memory profiling.

Try WebStorm as your main IDE for Node.js projects, or get a Node.js plugin for IntelliJ IDEA, PhpStorm, RubyMine, or PyCharm.

Coding Assistance

Code in a smart editor with coding assistance for JavaScript, ECMAScript 6 and Node.js-specific APIs. Get the best code completion suggestions for all methods and functions defined in your project or in any referenced module.

On-the-fly code quality analysis detects and reports problems like unresolved methods right in the editor, and offers you quick-fix options.

Code Completion

Navigation and Refactoring

Powerful navigation in the IDE can take you to the variable, method or function definition in one click – a real productivity boost when working with complex projects.

Automatic refactorings will take care of renaming or extracting functions or variables.

Running and Debugging Node.js app

Run your Node.js application locally right from the IDE: select Run in the file context menu or create a new Run configuration providing additional arguments.

With a powerful debugger for Node.js, locating problems in your app is so much easier. Just put breakpoints in your code and select Debug for the selected file or Debug configuration. The debugger offers Frames, Variables (including inline variables) and Watches views, as well as support for conditional breakpoints and remote debug support.

Running and Debugging

Unit Testing

JetBrains IDEs can also help you test your Node.js application using Mocha test framework. You can run and debug tests right inside the IDE, view results in a nice and visual format, and easily navigate to the test code from the test results.


JetBrains IDEs can help you capture and explore V8 CPU profiles and heap snapshots for Node.js applications. With the profiling data presented in a readily accessible way, you can easily identify any possible hot spots or memory leaks in your app.

Unit Testing
NodeJS Profiler

NodeJS Tracing


spy-js is a unique built-in tool for tracing JavaScript. Run it for your Node.js application to get insights into how your code works. See the full list of events that triggered code execution, then dig into the stack trace for an event and explore the highlighted trace in the source code.

Thanks to these runtime data, the IDE provides code completion results and can create a visual map of your application structure.

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