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GoLand is a new commercial IDE by JetBrains aimed at providing an ergonomic environment for Go development.

The new IDE extends the IntelliJ platform with coding assistance and tool integrations specific for the Go language.

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Coding assistance

The IDE analyzes your code, looking for connections between symbols, to provide code completion, quick navigation, clever error analysis, formatting, and refactorings.

Ergonomic design

Together, the powerful static code analysis and ergonomic design make development not only productive but also an enjoyable experience.

Integrated tools

Mission-critical tools such as the rest-runner, coverage tool, full-featured debugger and version control integration are all at hand — no plugin hassle included.

IntelliJ plugin ecosystem

In case you need anything in addition to the already rich set of built-in tools, the IntelliJ plugin ecosystem is there to help you.


What's New in GoLand 2018.2

Go modules integration

Go modules (vgo) integration

This update provides integration with Go modules (a.k.a "vgo") out of the box. It allows you to create a new Go module project type and fetch missed dependencies with one click directly from the code editor.

The Move refactoring dialog

Better Move refactoring

The Move gets a smart dialog that will show a list of declarations that can be moved along with the item, displays a notification when the identifier can't be moved, and is equipped with a Preview button.

Non-suspending breakpoints

Non-suspending breakpoints

GoLand now supports non-suspending breakpoints: set a breakpoint and log it in the console, or you can even get the stack trace of the breakpoint when it was reached and then resume the execution of it.

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