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ReSharper | Go To | Inheritor in ReSharper 4.5
ReSharper | Navigate | Derived Symbols in ReSharper 5.0

This action is the opposite to Go To Base Symbols : it behaves similarly but navigates the type hierarchy in the opposite direction. In most cases, there are several inheritors of the same item, that is, there is more than one derived class, or more than one overriding method. Thus, before repositioning the caret, ReSharper displays the list of possible inheritors for the user to choose.

To navigate to an inheritor
  1. Place the caret at the desired class.
  2. On the main menu, choose ReSharper | Navigate | Derived Symbols, or press Ctrl+Alt+B.
  3. Select the desired inheritor.


    To display the list of found inheritors in the Find Results window, press + on the numeric keypad.

To find out how many inheritors has the PlaceholderSettings class, place the caret at its name and press Ctrl+Alt+B. After that, the following list is displayed.

PlaceholderSettings has two inheritors: CustomPatternPlaceholderSettings and RecentSearchPlaceholderSettings. Click the desired inheritor to navigate to its declaration.


The drop-down list that shows inheritors may contain items in both bold and regular font. Bold indicates that an item represents a direct inheritor, while regular is used for indirect inheritors.

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