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Solution-wide analysis in ReSharper combines two related but distinct features:

  • Solution-wide error analysis that looks for errors in the whole solution on-the-fly and lets you view the list of errors using the Errors in Solution tool window. This possibility brings two advantages:
    • You don't have to open each and every file to make sure that your solution doesn't contain errors.
    • ReSharper detects certain errors that it wouldn't otherwise be able to detect within the local scope of a single file. For example, suppose that you changed the visibility of a member from public to internal, assuming that it was only used inside the current assembly. At this stage, ReSharper finds no errors in the current file. Then, you switch on solution-wide analysis, and actually there are errors. You jump to the next error in solution and you find out that someone used this member from outside of the current assembly.
  • Solution-wide code inspections are warnings or suggestions displayed in code and on the Marker Bar in specific files (as opposed to the Errors in Solution tool window) when solution-wide analysis is on. They help detect unused non-private members, classes, and parameters, unassigned fields, suspicious type conversions etc.

In addition, you can instantly see which files in your solution contain errors using the Errors in Solution tool window, or browse all code problems in any scope using the Inspection Results tool window.


Solution-wide analysis is disabled by default and should be explicitly configured for every new solution you open.

This section explains how to:

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