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To move a type to another folder
  1. Place the caret at the name of a class or interface, etc. in the editor or select it in the Class View window or in the Object Browser window.
  2. On the ReSharper menu or context menu, choose Refactor | Move, or press F6.  The Move drop-down list appears, click Move to Folder. The Move to Folder dialog box opens:

  3. Specify the folder where the chosen type should be moved using the Target folder drop-down list.
  4. Click Preserve hierarchy of folders and file names to leave the structure of folders "as is" during the refactoring. Click Put classes into separate files to put each class into a separate file.
  5. Select the Fix namespaces check box to adjust namespaces according to the new location automatically.
  6. Select the Allow change internal visibility to public when it is required check box to change the visibility of an internal type when it is moved to another project.
  7. All types that can be moved are displayed in the text area. Select appropriate check boxes nearby the types to move them.
  8. Click Next. If no conflicts are found, ReSharper performs the refactoring immediately. Otherwise, resolve conflicts.


When you undo this action, be aware that content is deleted from the newly created file, but the file itself is preserved in project.

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