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The dialog box opens when you select the Use TypeScript Service checkbox and click Configure next to it on the TypeScript page. Use the dialog box to configure TypeScript code completion and activate or disable integration with the Angular language service in TypeScript-Angular projects.

Code completion
  • Select this checkbox to get native support from the TypeScript Language Service according to the up-to-date specifications. As a result:
    • Syntax and error highlighting is based on the annotations from the TypeScript Language Service.
    • Completion lists contain both suggestions from the TypeScript Language Service and suggestions calculated by RubyMine.
    • TypeScript code is compiled into JavaScript.
  • Clear the checkbox to have only suggestions from RubyMine.
By default, the checkbox is selected.
Use Angular service The checkbox is only available in TypeScript-Angular projects when you are using Angular 2.3.1 or higher with a compatible version of TypeScript and the @angular/language-service package is installed in the project root. Select the checkbox to activate the Angular language service in your project. The Angular language service is activated by default so RubyMine starts it automatically together with the TypeScript service and shows all the errors and warnings in your TypeScript and HTML files both in the editor and in the TypeScript Tool Window.
Last modified: 29 November 2017

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