25 Can-Do's

We picked 25 random things from our livelong list of IntelliJ IDEA 8 new capabilities just to give you an example of what you can't do with IntelliJ IDEA 7.

  1. Extract a code fragment with multiple output values into a method object
    (Refactoring | Extract Method, Ctrl-Alt-M)
  2. Change a field or parameter from an array to a list and update usages automatically
    (Refactoring | Type Migration, Ctrl-Shift-F6)
  3. Trace where a parameter value comes from through a chain of method calls (Analyze | Dataflow to this)
  4. Create unit test stubs for the public methods of your class (Create Test intention on the class name)
  5. Jump from a class to its testcase (Go to | Test , Ctrl-Shift-T)
  6. Explore the structure and relationships between your classes in a UML class diagram
    (context menu | Show Class Diagram )
  7. See which Subversion changes have already been integrated to a certain branch
    (Changes | Repository , requires Subversion 1.5 working copy)
  8. Specify a different encoding for files in a certain directory (Settings | File Encodings)
  9. Autocomplete values of the expected type accessible through method calls (press Ctrl-Shift-Space twice)
  10. Remove a try/catch statement surrounding a block of code (Code | Unwrap/Remove , Ctrl-Shift-Del)
  11. See which tests cover a line of code (run configuration | Code Coverage | Choose coverage runner | IDEA)
  12. Revert a set of committed changes (Changes | Repository , Revert Changes)
  13. Integrate your Subversion changes to another branch (cherry-picking of changes)
    (Changes | Repository, context menu | Subversion | Integrate to branch )
  14. Create a module from a Maven archetype
  15. Locate a missing dependency and add it to your pom.xml with two clicks
  16. See which threads are running, idle or deadlocked in a JVM thread dump
    (Analyze | Analyze Stacktrace...)
  17. Build and debug your Flex application from IntelliJ IDEA
  18. Introduce fields, generate properties, constructors and overriding methods in ActionScript code
  19. Autocomplete table and column names from a database while editing SQL scripts
  20. Autocomplete table and column names from DDL scripts (SQL DataSources) while editing JPA/Hibernate mappings
  21. Insert namespace declaration in JSP and XML automatically with Tag Name Completion
  22. Debug the JavaScript code in your Web pages using the Mozilla browser embedded in IntelliJ IDEA
  23. Run and debug Gant build scripts from IntelliJ IDEA
  24. Move beans and inline bean references in Spring configuration files (F6, Ctrl-Alt-N)
  25. Expose a RESTful API for your Web application using Jersey and test it from IntelliJ IDEA
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