IntelliJ IDEA is just the IDE you need for developing with AJAX. An excellent, AJAX-aware JavaScript editor and the best JavaScript debugger, combined with the power of advanced XML and XSL processing make IntelliJ IDEA an IDE of choice for creating AJAX applications. Built-in support for popular application servers gives you the options to deploy, debug and test the server-side code and see how it fits together with client-side parts.

Native AJAX frameworks support

IntelliJ IDEA natively supports AJAX frameworks like GWT or Bindows, with full coding assistance and the possibility to create and use the custom AJAX libraries.

Bindows framework is supported via dedicated plugin. To get around it, see Bindows Demo

Some of the many IntelliJ IDEA AJAX-oriented features are also outlined in Live AJAX Demo

AJAX-ready debugger

IntelliJ IDEA debugger conveniently ties JavaScript and HTML pages together, letting you debug client code with the same ease and efficeincy as you do the Java code for the sever-side application part.

Smart AJAX-aware code completion

IntelliJ IDEA code completion helps you everywhere, recognizing method, property, and other names, and providing AJAX-aware, cross-language code completion:

  • JavaScript
    JavaScript AJAX completion
  • Java
    Java AJAX completion
    Even CSS class names can be completed:
    Java CSS completion
  • HTML
    JavaScript AJAX completion

AJAX code syntax highlighting and formatting

AJAX code syntax highlighting is available for both Java, JavaScript, and HTML files. It is also fully customizable and you can configure the format to exactly match code style you prefer.

AJAX-ready refactorings

IntelliJ IDEA rich set of automatic refactorings helps you with upgrading code in your AJAX applications. Most comprehensive set of refactorings available for Java, with a number of cross-language refactorings that also work for HTML, CSS, JavaScript and XML:

  • Rename
  • Introduce variable
  • Safe delete

Intention actions for quick code generation

IntelliJ IDEA Alt+Insert and Alt+Enter shortcuts provide access to quick generation of different code constructions, application elements, etc.

Go To Declaration action

Use Ctrl+B, or Ctrl+Mouse Click to jump between symbols in your AJAX code. It works across different languages and parts of application. For example, here's the jump from Java code to CSS:
Go to declaration

Run configuration for starting and debugging AJAX applications

With IntelliJ IDEA flexible Run Configurations you can run, debug, test and deploy both client and server-side code, all from the same IDE, with the same unified set of settings and options.