Build Tools

IntelliJ IDEA provides integration with Ant, Maven, Gradle and Gant, the most used tools for build automation of Java applications. With these tools you can automate compilation, packaging, running tests, deployment and other daily activities.


IntelliJ IDEA allows you creating new project from existing Maven descriptors with automatic artifacts download.

The editor for Maven descriptor files offers smart code completion, refactorings, intentions with quick-fixes, navigation, error highlighting and many other productivity-boosting features.

You can assign shortcuts to goals, execute goals automatically before Make or Run/Debug.

Maven Tool Window

IntelliJ IDEA enables you to view dependency graph on UML diagram.

All the features are aso available for Flex projects with Flexmojos Maven plugin.


IntelliJ IDEA recognizes Gant files, provides code completion and allows running tasks selectively or as a whole script.


IntelliJ IDEA offers complete support for editing and running Ant build scripts. You can assign shortcuts to targets, execute targets automatically before Make or Run/Debug.

The editor for build files provides smart code completion, navigation and error highlighting.

Ant Tool Window

You can generate Ant build script for your project automatically from the IDE.


With IntelliJ IDEA you can create new project from existing Gradle build scripts. The IDE will take care of setting up modules, libraries, etc.

IntelliJ IDEA automatically synchronizes any changes made to project structure with Gradle build scripts and vice versa.

Gradle Tool Window