Google App Engine

This page describes developing Google App Engine applications using Java language.
If you want to use Python, you can get Python plug-in from Plugins Repository or via IntelliJ IDEA Plug-in Manager.
Another alternative is to use PyCharm — our dedicated Python IDE built on IntelliJ platform.

Seamless Google App Engine Integration

When starting a new project in IntelliJ IDEA, you can choose the Google App Engine checkbox and set the location of your Google App Engine SDK.

Seamless Google App Engine Integration

You can also cloud-enable an existing project by setting the Google App Engine facet on your web module. Open the Settings dialog using Control+Shift+Alt+S, add the facet and specify the location of your Google App Engine SDK.

On-the-fly Code Analysis

Any violations to the rules imposed by GAE on your code, like e.g. creation of a new thread, are marked by IntelliJ IDEA's code analysis engine as errors.

On-demand Code Analysis

You can review all violations by running the code inspections on-demand and get a consolidated report.

Local Debugging of Google App Engine Applications

IntelliJ IDEA allows you to debug applications running on the local Google App Engine SDK server, view stacktraces, variables, watches, evaluate expressions, label elements, set their values or perform other activities, just like in regular Java projects.

Simple Deployment to the Cloud

Once you're ready to deploy, you can use the Upload App Engine Application command from the tools menu.

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