The Top Choice Grails IDE

The Most Intelligent IDE for Groovy and Grails Development

IntelliJ IDEA offers advanced support and a lot of productivity-boosting features for Grails, allowing you to develop, run and debug applications efficiently directly from the IDE.

Support for Grails support is bundled with IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate.

Get Started

Find how to get started with Grails and Groovy in IntelliJ IDEA with our tutorial.

Features Overview

Productivity Boosting Features

Intelligent Code Assistance

IntelliJ IDEA provides the most intelligent code assistance for editing Java, Groovy and GSP files.

  • The smartest code completion
  • Easy navigation between project files
  • Advanced and safe refactorings
  • Grails-specific code generation

Code Quality Analysis

Code Quality Tracking

Static code analysis is performed by IntelliJ IDEA on the fly. The IDE detects problems in your code as you type and immediately suggests you a quick-fix.

  • On-the-fly code analysis
  • Intentions and quick-fixes
  • Shared inspection profiles
  • Custom inspections

Developer Tools

Integrated Tools

IntelliJ IDEA includes amazing set of tools which work out-of-the-box and make development more productive.

  • Support for Maven, Gradle, Gant and Ant
  • Unit testing and coverage tools with support for JUnit, TestNG, Spock and Cucumber
  • VCS tools with Git, GitHub, SVN and others
  • Database tools, SQL and JPA support

Groovy for Enterprise

HTML, CSS and JavaScript

If you develop real-world web applications, IntelliJ IDEA is your best choice thanks to it's outstanding support for HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

  • Support for HTML, CSS and Emmet
  • More than advanced code assistance for JavaScript and CoffeeScript languages
  • Built-in support for LESS and Sass frameworks

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