IntelliJ IDEA includes the Struts Assistant plugin that provides the native support for Struts framework.

Live Demo

This plugin adds the Struts support to:

  • Project view
    Lets you navigate through the native Struts application structure and examine its elements (Struts HTML and JSP pages, Struts actions, beans, etc)
  • Struts Support
  • Properties inspector
    Lets you explore and edit property files through the set of dedicated GUI editors. Also supports nested beans.
  • Coding assistance
    Fully extends code completion, navigation, highlighting, documentation lookup and refactoring for Struts (including Struts HTML tags), Tiles and Struts Validator files.
    Also extends the standard actions, like Go to Symbol (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+N) with support for Actions, Forms, Forwards and Tiles.
  • Quick fixes
    Struts-aware quick fixes and intention actions let you instantly correct various errors, for example, invalid Struts mappings.
  • Comma-delimited lists supported (roles, Struts Validator rules)