Java Persistence API & Hibernate

Persistence Frameworks are broadly used for management of data persistence and object relational mapping in enterprise and other applications. IntelliJ IDEA offers advanced support for Java Persistence API 2.1 and Hibernate 4.3, including integrated tools and exciting code assistance features.

Smart Wizard

IntelliJ IDEA automatically detects JPA, Hibernate and Spring configuration files and annotations, and offers to download the libraries and configure the project.

Easy Project Setup

Query Language Injection

Code completion, on-the-fly analysis and navigation for queries are available even in string literals inside Java code.

Code Generation

Data Source Integration

If you associate a persistence configuration with a data source, the IDE provides additional assistance, including smart completion, navigation and code analysis.

Spring Roo


You can apply refactorings to entity classes and persistence configuration files. The IDE will take care of making corresponding changes in all referenced pieces of code.


Navigation and Search

IntelliJ IDEA helps you easily navigate and search through entity classes, persistence configuration files and queries.


Query Console

Query Console enables you to run JPQL or HQL queries and browse the results right from the IDE.

Profiles Support

The console provides smart completion, code analysis and SQL generation.

Code Generation

IntelliJ IDEA can generate entity classes by a database scheme. Just specify a data source and select entity classes you want to have generated.

Entity Generation

ER Diagrams

ER Diagrams enable you to visually analyse the structure of entities and its relationships. You also can apply refactorings and design new entities right from there.

Visual Diagrams

On-the-fly Code Analysis

IntelliJ IDEA analyses code as you type and highlights all problems specific to entities, queries and configuration. In most cases it provides you with action for a quick fix.

On-the-fly Code Analysis

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