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IntelliJ IDEA 8.1 — Maintenance Release

This release brings you a noticeably faster IDE. We've reworked its engine to boost the overall performance, improved the file indexing for better processing of external changes (e.g. updates from VCS) and optimized the compiler caches to significantly reduce the compilation time.

Moreover, though we've been mainly focused on optimizing of existing code, we added a number of new features and a pack of improvements that we simply could not keep on the shelf until next release.

IntelliJ Configuration Server

Make all of your favorite IDE settings (keymap, fonts and colors, inspection profiles, etc.) accessible from any computer where you run IntelliJ IDEA through a dedicated JetBrains server. More »

Team Foundation Server integration

Perform all common VCS functions (commit, update, revert, etc.) from IDE. Create and manage TFS workspaces, merge branches, lock and unlock files, view the changes history, and do more.

Git integration

Carry out common VCS operations right from IntelliJ IDEA, plus do Git-specific tasks like cloning of remote repositories, pushing and pulling of local repositories, rebasing (including interactive mode and multiple Git roots), and more.

Perforce jobs support

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IntelliJ IDEA Perforce integration now lets you list Perforce jobs, view their details and link them to arbitrary changelists. Jobs can be selected and linked directly from the Commit Changes dialog.

Oracle SQL dialect support

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SQL editor supports Oracle SQL dialect, with completion, validation and highlighting.

Resin integration

Resin application server is supported via the dedicated run configuration, with application deployment and debugging (both local and remote).

Copyright plugin bundled

IntelliJ IDEA 8.0

Performance and Usability

  • Reworked engine which ensures significantly faster startup and smoother overall operation
  • Completely new Configure Plugins wizard that lets you flexibly manage features you need