Node.js is a rapidly growing open source framework for building fast and scalable web applications using JavaScript on top of Chrome's JavaScript runtime. With NodeJS plugin for IntelliJ IDEA development of Node.js applications is much easy and productive.

Code Assistance

IntelliJ IDEA provides excellent code assistance features for JavaScript development including syntax highlighting, on-the-fly code analysis, code completion and navigation. The editor is aware of CommonJS module structure of Node.js application and suggests proper completion options.

Sources & Scope Configuration

Node.js sources can be downloaded and configured as JavaScript library automatically by the IDE. IntelliJ IDEA also lets you set a scope for each library by defining files and directories the library is applicable to.


Running & Debugging

You can run and debug Node.js applications and see output right in the IDE. The JavaScript debugger provides conditional breakpoints, smart step into, watches, expression evaluation and many other features.


Unit Testing

IntelliJ IDEA enables you to easily run and debug unit tests for Node.js applications with nodeunit. You can see the results in the IDE, and jump to test definition or error line immediately.