Other Integrated Tools

Ant integration (jakarta.apache.org/ant)

IntelliJ IDEA incorporates and closely integrates the popular build tool Jakarta Ant. With this integration you can:

  • get a detailed view of any build file in the specially designed Ant tool window

    Ant view
  • execute particular Ant targets, assign custom shortcuts to them, or tune IntelliJ IDEA to automatically execute targets before/after compilation or running
  • type/maintain your code in build files with higher productivity and minimum errors, thanks to the unique Ant-aware code completion/error highlighting:

    Ant completion

JUnit integration (www.junit.org)

Along with the possibility of running standalone java programs and applets, IntelliJ IDEA also provides you with the possibility to run JUnit tests. You can either specify a particular unit test to run, or IntelliJ IDEA can automatically search for all unit tests in a specified package and run them all sequentially.


Powerful features include:

  • Its own test runner fully integrated with IntelliJ IDEA
  • On-the-fly statistics on currently ran tests
  • Viewing tree of tests, with the output for a selected test in the neighbouring pane
  • Quick call of the Diff view by just clicking the item
  • Quickly navigate to an error line in code if test fails with one click

External tools

The External Tools feature allows you to:

  • add custom menu items to run external programs, scripts, .bat files, etc.
  • parametrize custom commands with a rich set of macros, such as path to the currently opened file in the editor, project classpath, project output path, etc.
  • assign custom shortcuts to the most frequently used external tools

IntelliJ IDEA itself provides a set of built-in external tools for working with Perforce version control system (for more details about Perforce, please refer to http://www.perforce.com/perforce/).


IntelliJ IDEA provides you with a full-featured printing functionality that allows you to print out your sources with proper syntax highlighting, line numbers, method separators, etc.

Export to HTML

In case you need to publish your code to in internet, IntelliJ IDEA makes it possible to export java sources to HTML so that all syntax highlighting, line numbers, method separators, etc., are preserved.

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