Project Configuration

Project configuration features related to Web and Enterpise applications are only available in Ultimate Edition. For details about features available in each edition see the Feature Comparison Matrix.

IntelliJ IDEA streamlines project management with the new project structure organization, based on Facets, which encapsulate the complete support for a specific framework or technology and so ensure intuitive configuration and let easily manage even complex Enterprise Applications.

project Facets

Flexible Project Structure

IDEA provides a powerful and flexible way to set up packaging configurations (artifacts) for your project. Artifacts can be configured in the Project Structure dialog.

Packaging configurations of existing JavaEE facets are migrated to artifacts automatically.

You can also choose different dependency scopes - you can specify whether a dependency is "compile time", "test only", "runtime only" or "provided." The semantics of these scopes is quite similar to that of Maven scopes.

Module-based project structure

This feature is ideal for complex projects, with multiple internal dependencies, and especially for J2EE projects. Module is a separate logical part of a project that incorporates your working sources, libraries, reference to target Java SDK, etc. It can be compiled, run or debugged as a standalone entity.

New module

A project may consist of one or multiple modules. Modules may depend on each other. Modules and libraries can be easily shared among multiple projects.

Project configuration dialog

Lets you view all facets of your multi-module project in a single convenient view. You can also manage facet autodetection for specific modules or facet types.

Project configuration dialog Click to enlarge


Improved Project Wizard

Reworked Project Wizard simplifies project import (from Eclipse, JBuilder and Maven), plus the new Facet-based project configuration provides smart code recognition and automatically downloads and configures libraries, creates descriptors and enables the required framework support.

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