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IntelliJ IDEA 7.0.1 Release Notes


  • [IDEADEV-22568] — Warning/error description sometimes spans whole screen
  • [IDEADEV-22586] — List of APIs added in 1.6 is incomplete
  • [IDEADEV-22589] — Ctrl-Shift-F7 in HQL console opens backing temporary file
  • [IDEADEV-22660] — Deployment doesn't work in WebLogic 10 sometimes
  • [IDEADEV-22665] — "Introduce field" with "instantiate in setUp()" ignores existing setUp method and adds TestNG annotation
  • [IDEADEV-22680] — CVS: Extract interface (Rename original class) deletes just created interface
  • [IDEADEV-22689] — IDEA hangs on copy/paste
  • [IDEADEV-22691] — Refactor->Rename throws NPE with GTK LaF + JDK 1,6
  • [IDEADEV-22693] — java.lang.InstantiationError with abstract custom create component
  • [IDEADEV-22694] — Move refactoring using drag'n drop bug
  • [IDEADEV-22756] — Navigation to the code from compiler doesn't work when Eclipse compiler is used
  • [IDEADEV-22764] — Perforce incorrectly reports files under project dir as unversioned if all module content roots are below project dir

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  • [IDEADEV-22702] — Popup menus are not consistent in transparency
  • [IDEADEV-22708] — Strange characters in license agreement dialog

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