IntelliJ IDEA 8.1.4 Release Notes


  • [IDEADEV-33911] - Git: on package rename RollBack the old-named package should appear in project view w/o Refresh; new-named empty package should not remain
  • [IDEADEV-34070] - After unshelving Perforce files go to default changelist instead of a new one as requested
  • [IDEADEV-36915] - Make does not process files moved from non-source root
  • [IDEADEV-37856] - Unable to add content of .idea directory to SVN
  • [IDEADEV-37898] - IDEA deletes .svn directory in .idea config
  • [IDEADEV-37902] - Creating module from maven archetype leaves directories behind that prevent re-creating a module of same name
  • [IDEADEV-38112] - ProjectKey value in .ipr contains absolute path
  • [IDEADEV-38216] - Command "Override Methods" does not work properly in MXML
  • [IDEADEV-38229] - Environment variable JAVA_HOME has not been set error shown in Grails project in Intellij 8.1.3
  • [IDEADEV-38298] - Reopen recent project only works once, then stops working
  • [IDEADEV-38318] - Good code is red: Incorrect parameter name
  • [IDEADEV-38320] - IDEA fails to parse complex javascript regexp
  • [IDEADEV-38405] - SVN integration: hangs forever when using client certificates
  • [IDEADEV-38425] - Paths to iml are absolute in .idea despite using relative path option
  • [IDEADEV-38441] - e4x: curly brace operator is not allowed in e4x xml attribute value
  • [IDEADEV-38454] - Failed to copy from temporary location...
  • [IDEADEV-38458] - SQL: Good code is red: Terminating semicolon
  • [IDEADEV-38474] - Error fetching ASDoc for s:SimpleText - Stub and PSI element type mismatch
  • [IDEADEV-38510] - Auto-generated Method ASDoc Includes @return Tag When Method Return Type is void
  • [IDEADEV-38519] - Flex: class fqn should be resolved if it contains reserved word (allowed there by compiler)
  • [IDEADEV-38586] - IDEA freezes during Flex action class development
  • [IDEADEV-38613] - IDEA can't work with facelets files with *.jspx extension
  • [IDEADEV-38795] - JavaScript: string.replace second argument may be function
  • [IDEADEV-38796] - IDEA suggest incorrect signature for Date.parse(String) static method
  • [IDEADEV-38813] - Can't parse 'as Set<String>'
  • [IDEADEV-38873] - IntelliJ crashes and runs out of memory processing
  • [IDEADEV-39088] - Variables on dynamicly typed variables are marked red
  • [IDEADEV-39102] - Reformat before commit with directory-based storage affects project files
  • [IDEADEV-39129] - OS X: can only commit to subversion once, dialog does not relaunch
  • [IDEADEV-39164] - Good code is Red (Hibernate annotations :@OneToMany(mappedBy = ...)
  • [IDEADEV-39215] - Intellij deletes client certificates from ~/.svn/
  • [IDEADEV-39467] - JavaScript: string.splice second argument must be optional
  • [IDEADEV-39758] - Attributes from extension in xsd seen as invalid (eg mule-config cxf namespace)
  • [IDEADEV-39965] - Function in namespace is not assignable to variables
  • [IDEADEV-40365] - DevKit: cannot create new sandbox on Snow Leopard
  • [IDEADEV-40394] - All Class Files Recopied On Every Make
  • [IDEADEV-35534] - SQL: Oracle: column reference in ALTER TABLE ... MODIFY is recognized with misplaced text range
  • [IDEADEV-38340] - Unneed comma bug?
  • [IDEADEV-38857] - namespace: Unresolved function or method getProperty
  • [IDEADEV-39082] - member variables are not visible when debugging
  • [IDEADEV-37578] - Exception while loading IDEA project
  • [IDEADEV-38329] - SIOOBE at com.intellij.lang.javascript.flex.debug.FlexStackFrame$3.onTextAvailable
  • [IDEADEV-39146] - AE at com.intellij.lang.javascript.generation.JSNamedElementNode.getParentNodeDelegate
  • [IDEADEV-40374] - NPE from JspElementTagDescriptor.getElementDescriptor() on calling quick doc from completion list of element names in jsp:element


  • [IDEADEV-38386] - Add option to use "svn blame -g" (or "--use-merge-history") when viewing SVN annotations

Performance Problem

  • [IDEADEV-37895] - Hangs/very poor performance when editing Groovy classes

Usability Problem

  • [IDEADEV-34772] - "Open in New (Directory Based) Format" could be an option in Open project chooser
  • [IDEADEV-38391] - Mootools Support
  • [IDEADEV-38411] - Flex: Debug mode: impossible to see properties of collection items (items of ArrayCollections, Arrays etc. )

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