Ruby, JRuby and Rails

IntelliJ IDEA provides Ruby and Rails integration via a dedicated Ruby plugin. Plugin functionality is similar to that of RubyMine, a specialized Ruby/Rails IDE built on IntelliJ platform.

Choosing between IntelliJ IDEA with Ruby plugin and RubyMine? Find out the differences.

See the Ruby and Rails features below and read more in RubyMine section of our web site.


  • Ruby Editor
  • Code Completion
  • Code Navigation
  • Refactorings
  • Code Analysis
  • Rake Integration
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Testing Ruby and Rails

Ruby on Rails IDE

  • Ruby on Rails Project View
  • Advanced Rails Project Navigation
  • Model Dependency Diagram
  • Autocompletion for Rails controllers, helpers and views
  • Rails-aware Refactorings
  • Rails i18n (internationalization)
  • Rails Code Generation
  • RHTML Editing
  • HAML and SASS Editing
  • YAML Support
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Intelligent Ruby Coding Assistance

  • Braces, brackets & quotes auto-insertion
  • Surround with braces, brackets & quotes
  • Matched brace/bracket highlighting
  • Express code commenting
  • Extend/shrink selection
  • Live Templates / Snippets
  • Parameter Info popup
  • Quick documentation lookup
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Graphical Debugger for Ruby and Rails Code

  • Convenient User Interface
  • Smart, Flexible Breakpoints
  • Built-in Expression Evaluator
  • Dedicated Watches View
  • Frames and Call Stack
  • Remote Debugging
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JRuby Support

In addition to RubyMine's features IntelliJ IDEA provides JRuby support.

JRuby code completion

  • Alternative method naming (both boolean_value and booleanValue styles supported)
  • Alternative method naming
  • Both Ruby and Java-style getters and setters (both setSize and size = styles supported)
  • Ruby and Java-style getters and setters
  • JRuby code completion

JRuby code inspections with instant quick-fixes

IntelliJ IDEA checks your Ruby code on-the-fly, highlighting various kinds of errors.

unimplemented methods are highlighted and a quickfix

For all problems discovered, IntelliJ IDEA offers automatic quick-fixes.

implemented methods are highlighted and a quickfix