UML Class Diagram

IntelliJ IDEA features the UML class diagram which lets you quickly examine your application structure either on class or package level.

You can view, create and delete packages, classes, class members and ther relationships. Convenient one-click navigation lets you jump from the diagram to the underlying code.

Live Demo

Also, many of IntelliJ IDEA refactorings can be applied directly from the diagram, via shortcut menu.

  • Quick Class Hierarchy View Using UML
    You can use the Show Class Hierarchy action that displays class hierarchy of a selected type. Just place the caret at any type in the code editor and press Ctrl+Alt+U.
  • Viewing Change Details on UML Class Diagram
    When you have changes in several files or classes and want to see what they affect, you typically use the Changes tab and then Show Diff action for every affected file or class. However you can see the complete picture at once, via UML Class Diagram. It is improved to allow viewing and highlighting of changed and removed classes, methods, fields and so on when you press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+D.
  • Visual code autoring: create classes, fields, methods, etc. UML
  • Supporting Drag'n'Drop to:
    • Create relationships between classes (extend classes, implement interfaces)
    • Add new elements by dragging them from Project View
  • Code analysis and refactorings applicable from the diagram view UML
  • Visual dependencies representation, with fully customizable view, both on the class level UML
    and the package level


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