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File | Settings | Editor | Code Style | GSP

Use this page to configure formatting options for GSP files. View the result in the Preview pane on the right.

On this page:

Tabs and indents

Item Description
Use tab character
  • If this check box is selected, tab characters are used:
    • On pressing the Tab key
    • For indentation
    • For code reformatting
  • When the check box is cleared, IntelliJ IDEA uses spaces instead of tabs.
Smart tabs
  • If this check box is selected, IntelliJ IDEA inserts tabs for indentation and reformatting, but fine alignment to a necessary column is done only via spaces without replacing them with tabs. This is done in order to preserve visual representation of the source code, when the Tab Size is changed.
  • If this check box is cleared, only tabs are used. This means that a group of spaces that fits the specified tab size is automatically replaced with a tab, which may result in breaking fine alignment.

The Smart Tabs check box is available if the Use Tab Character check box is selected.

Tab size In this text box, specify the number of spaces included in a tab.
Indent In this text box, specify the number of spaces (or tabs if the Use Tab Character check box is selected) to be inserted for each indent level.

Set From

Click this link to reveal the list of languages to be used as the base for the current language code style. So doing, only the settings that are applicable to the current language are taken. All the other settings are not affected.

This link appears in the upper-right corner of the language-specific code style page, when applicable.

Click Reset to discard changes and return to the initial set of code style settings.

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Last modified: 24 March 2015
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