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The Commander tool window is available when the Commander plugin that comes bundled with IntelliJ IDEA, is enabled in your working environment.
Commander displays the hierarchical structure of a project in two similar panes and provides a handy interface for managing files and folders. Unlike the tree views, each Commander pane shows only one level of hierarchy, which is convenient in some cases (for example, when you are permanently working with one package only and don't need to view the whole hierarchy).

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Toolbar buttons

Icon Keyboard Shortcut Description
img   img Ctrl+Alt+Left
Scroll through the history of navigation operation back and forth in the selected pane of the Commander.
img Ctrl+U Swap contents of the two panes.
img N/A Synchronize panes, so that the contents of inactive pane becomes the same as the contents of the active pane.
img If this button is pressed, the contents of the currently selected file automatically opens in the editor, with the caret at the first line of a file, or - in Java files - at a top-level class declaration.

Means of navigation

Action Shortcut Description
Change active pane Tab Move focus to another pane of the Commander.
Open the selected folder Double-click folder
Reveal contents of the selected folder in the active pane.
Go up one level Double-click img
Close the currently opened file or folder.
Navigate between entries Arrow keys
Open file Ctrl+Enter
Open the selected file in the editor.
Open file structure Double-click file
Shows Java file structure in the active pane of the commander. Double-clicking a member loads the file into the editor with the caret at the beginning of the selected member. For non-Java files, the pane is empty.
Show project root Ctrl+Slash Navigate to the project root directory in the active pane.

File operations

Copy, Clone, Move, Rename and Delete operations are performed as refactorings.

Action Shortcut Context menu command
Copy F5 Refactor | Copy
Clone N/A Refactor | Clone
Move F6 Refactor | Move
Rename Shift+F6 Refactor | Rename
Delete Delete Refactor | Safe Delete

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Last modified: 24 March 2015
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