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Debugger. Data Views

File | Settings | Build, Execution, Deployment | Debugger | Data Views

Use this page to manage the way the data is displayed in the debugger.

Item Description
Value tooltips delay Specify the delay in milliseconds between the moment when the mouse pointer hovers over an object in the Variables pane, and the moment when a tooltip with the object's value is displayed.
Sort alphabetically Show the nodes in alphabetical order.
Enable auto expressions in Variables view The auto expressions mentioned in this option work like this:

The debugger analyzes the context near the breakpoint (the current statement, and one statement before and one after). It does so to find various expressions in the source code (if available) such as, for example, myvar.myfield.

If such expressions don’t contain explicit method invocations, the debugger evaluates the expressions and adds the corresponding values to the debugger tree view (shown in the Variables pane) assuming that these values may be of interest.

In languages such as Groovy, just by looking at an expression, it’s not possible to conclude whether any methods are invoked when evaluating the expression. And such method invocations often cause unwanted side effects. So you may want to turn this option off when debugging Groovy code.

Show DOM properties This setting is applicable for debugging in Firefox. When debugging in Chrome, DOM structure and properties are shown in a dedicated Elements tab, see Viewing Actual HTML DOM.
  • When this check box is selected, DOM properties are displayed in the Variables pane of the Debug tool window.
  • When this check box is cleared, DOM properties are hidden.
Show function values
  • When this check box is selected, IntelliJ IDEA displays the values of functions listed under the Functions node in the Variables pane. Depending on the status of the Show only user-defined functions check box. IntelliJ IDEA displays values either for all functions or only for user-defined ones.
  • When the check box is cleared, values of functions are hidden.
Show only user-defined functions The check box is available only when the Show function values check box is selected, otherwise it is irrelevant.
  • When the check box is cleared, IntelliJ IDEA displays values of all functions, both user-defined and inherited.
  • When the check box is selected, values for user-defined functions are displayed only, inherited functions are just listed.
Show the following properties for an object node Select this check box if you want IntelliJ IDEA to show certain object node properties and configure a list of the properties t display. For each object node in the Variables pane, IntelliJ IDEA will display a label with the values of the listed properties. Use add (Alt+Insert) and delete (Alt+Delete) to add and remove the properties.

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Last modified: 3 February 2015
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