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Delete Tag

The Delete Tag refactoring allows you to delete a set of XML tags. If this refactoring is invoked, all tags matching the selected tag name on tags with the selected tag name may be removed. This bulk removal of tags may be useful as XML schemas evolve.

Deleting tag

  1. In the editor, right-click the tag to be deleted, and choose XML Refactorings | Delete Tag... on the context menu:
  2. Determine the scope of deletion. All tags matching name of the tag selected will be deleted, if they are in scope. Scopes available include the current file, the entire project, or a specified directory or module. Directory scopes can either include sub-directories, or not, based on whether the Recursively check box is selected. If the Limit to files with DTD:... check box is selected, the scope will be limited to those files with the same DOCTYPE as the current file.
  3. Click Preview to make IntelliJ IDEA search for usages of the selected tag.
  4. Click OK to continue. If you do not select the Preview check box, all usages will be changed immediately.
Last modified: 4 December 2014
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