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Generate Signed APK Wizard. Specify Key and Keystore

On this page of the Wizard, specify the key store file that contains the digital key to sign the package with. You can use an existing key, or create a new one in an existing keystore, or create a new keystore.

Item Description
Key store path In this text box, specify the location of the file where the key will be stored. Type the path manually or click the Choose existing button to choose the relevant file in the dialog that opens.
Create new Click this button to open the New Key Store Dialog and configure a new key store and/or a release key to be generated.
Choose existing Click this button to have your package signed with a key from an existing key store file. Choose the relevant key store file in the dialog that opens.
Key store password In this text box, type the password for the selected key store.
Key alias In this text box, specify the alias to address the key to be used.
Key password In this text box, specify the password to access the selected key.
Remember passwords Select this check box to have IntelliJ IDEA automatically use the specified passwords to access the key store and the key.

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Last modified: 24 March 2015
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