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Libraries and Global Libraries

File | Project Structure | Libraries
File | Project Structure | Global Libraries


When you select the Libraries or the Global Libraries category in the Project Structure dialog, a list of existing project or global libraries is shown in the element selector pane.

Use the toolbar icons, context menu commands or keyboard shortcuts to manage the libraries (see below).

To view or edit the name and contents of a library, select the library of interest, and use the page to the right of the selector pane.

Toolbar icons, context menu commands and shortcuts

Icon Command Shortcut Description
add New Project Library or New Global Library Alt+Insert Use this icon, command or shortcut to create a new project or global library. See .
delete Delete Delete Use this icon, command or shortcut to delete the selected library.
copy Copy Use this icon or command to create a copy of the selected library. See .
find.png Find Usages Alt+F7 Use this icon, command or shortcut to find the usages of the selected library in the project.
Move to Global Libraries For a project library: use this command to move the selected project library to the global (IDE) level. See .
Copy to Project Libraries For a global library: use this command to create a copy of the selected global library at the project level. See .
Add to Modules Use this command to add the selected project or global library to dependencies of one or more of your modules. In the dialog that opens, select the corresponding modules.

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Last modified: 3 February 2015
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