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Library Bundling

File | Settings | Languages and Frameworks | OSGi Framework Instances | Library Bundling

Use this page to define rules that determine the libraries to be included in bundles and have manifest file entries generated based on these rules.

Item Description
Rules In this area, configure a list of regular expressions that define the libraries to be included in a bundle.
Item Command Description
add.png Add Click this button to have a new entry added to the list.
delete.png Remove Click this button to remove the selected entry from the list.
copy.gif Copy Click this button to create a copy of the selected rule.
arrowUp.png arrowDown Move Up and Move Down Use these buttons to change the order of rules in the list.
Library name pattern In this text box, specify the regular expression that constitutes the entry selected in the Rules list box.
Manifest entries This read-only field displays the manifest file entries generated on the basis of specified rules. The entries are sorted in accordance with the order of rules in the Rules list box.
Never bundle If this check box is selected, the libraries that match the currently selected rule are never bundled.
Process no further rules Select this check box to suppress processing rules that come in the Rules list box after the selected rule.

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Last modified: 6 April 2015