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Managing User Groups

Your contacts in the contacts list can be organized in groups which you can, for example, name after the project or task in which the users are involved. This section describes how to:

To create a new user group

  1. Expand the IDEtalk tool window, click the arrow on the icon Icon , and select Create User Group.
  2. Type the desired group name and click OK.

To add a user to the newly created or existing groups, do one of the following

To remove a user group

  1. Right-click a group in the contact list and choose Delete on the context menu, or press Delete.
  2. In the dialog that opens, confirm deletion.

To hide and show the users in the users groups

  1. Click the Expand Tree and Collapse Tree buttons on the toolbar of the IDEtalk tool window,
  2. Click the Settings button Icon and select the Hide offline users option.
  3. Double-click the user group name.

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Last modified: 24 March 2015
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