IntelliJ IDEA 14.1.0 Help

Navigation Between IDE Components

In this section you can find keyboard shortcuts for navigation between:

Views and windows

Function Shortcut Use this shortcut to...
Select Target Alt+F1 Move focus from the current file, class, method or reference to a data source, to a view suggested in the Select Target pop-up menu. Refer to Navigating Between IDE Components.
Collapse all Ctrl+NumPad - Collapse all nodes in a tree view.
Expand all Ctrl+NumPad+ Expand all nodes in a tree view.
Switcher Ctrl+Tab Navigate between files opened in the editor, and tool windows.
Open tool window Alt+Number Open a tool window with the specified number.
Hide Active Window Shift+Escape Hide the currently active tool window.
Jump to Last Window F12 Activate the last focused tool window.


Function Shortcut Use this shortcut to...
Change Left View Alt+F1 Change the left pane contents.
Change Right View Alt+F2 Change the right pane contents.
Swap Panes Ctrl+U Swap the panes.


Function Shortcut Use this shortcut to...
Move to Next Difference F7 Navigate to the next difference in view.
Move to Previous Difference Shift+F7 Navigate to the previous difference in view.

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Last modified: 24 March 2015
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