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Packaging JavaFX applications

You can package your JavaFX application by building the corresponding artifact. For JavaFX applications, IntelliJ IDEA provides a dedicated artifact type (JavaFx Application). One JavaFx Application artifact configuration is created by IntelliJ IDEA automatically if you create a project as described in .

Alternatively, you can generate an Ant build file, and then use that build file to package your application.

See also, Applications with a Preloader: Project Organization and Packaging.

Building an artifact

To build an artifact for your JavaFX application:

  • Select Build | Build Artifacts . Then, in the Build Artifacts | Action popup, select the artifact and select Build.
  • Alternatively, you can turn on the Build on make option in the artifact configuration. In that case, an artifact will be built when making the project (e.g. Build | Make Project or Ctrl+F9).

By default, the artifact is generated in <project_folder>\out\artifacts\<artifact_name>.

See also, Configuring Artifacts, Artifacts and Java FX Tab.

Generating and using an Ant build file

  1. Generate an Ant build file for your project ( Build | Generate Ant Build ). For more information, see Generating Ant Build File.
  2. Make the necessary changes to the generated build file.
  3. Open the Ant Build tool window (e.g. View | Tool Windows | Ant Build ), specify the build file to be used and run the necessary target. For more information, see Executing Ant Target.

See also, Ant.

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