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Previewing Output of Layout Definition Files

With IntelliJ IDEA, you can preview the output of the currently opened layout definition file without launching a physical or a virtual device. The preview changes dynamically as you update the layout definition file. Using the layout preview, you can adjust your application to different Android platforms, devices, orientations, dock modes, locales, etc.

Depending on the mode in which you are designing the application layout, you can preview the output in different ways:

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To access layout preview

  1. Open the required layout definition file in the editor.
  2. Choose the editing mode:
    • To edit the layout manually, switch to the Text tab. The Preview tool window opens.
    • To edit the layout in the Designer tool window, switch to the Design tab. In this tab you can edit the layout in the visual mode without editing the text definition file.

To preview a layout in different environments

To adjust the preview appearance

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Last modified: 4 December 2014
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