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Quick Lists

File | Settings | Appearance and Behavior | Appearance | Quick Lists

Use this page to configure quick lists. A Quick List is a pop-up menu of IntelliJ IDEA commands, configured by the user and associated with a keyboard or mouse shortcut. You can create as many quick lists, as necessary. Each command, included in a quick list, is identified by a sequential number. Numbering starts from the numerals (0 to 9), and then proceeds with the letters in alphabetical order.

Item Shortcut Description
add Alt+Insert Create a new Quick List.
delete Alt+Delete Delete the selected Quick List.
Display name   Edit the name of the selected Quick List.
Description   Edit the description of the selected Quick List. (The description is optional.)
add Alt+Insert Use this button to add actions to the Quick List. Select the actions in the Add Actions to Quick List dialog that opens.
add_separator   Use this button to add a separator at the end of the Quick List. (Separators help you organize menu commands in logical groups.)
delete Alt+Delete Remove selected actions from the Quick List.
arrowUp Alt+U Use this button to move the selected item one line up in the list.
arrowDown Alt+D Use this button to move the selected item one line down in the list.

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Last modified: 24 March 2015
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